Counseling - School Counseling Concentration (M.A.)

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Program Requirements

Required Courses
EDFD 503Methods of Research3
COUN 531Counseling Across the Life Span3
COUN 552Introduction to Professional and Ethical Issues in Counseling3
COUN 577Counseling Theories3
COUN 579Appraisal of the Individual3
COUN 582Career Counseling3
COUN 584Group Counseling: Theory and Practice3
COUN 588Counseling Techniques3
COUN 595Multicultural Counseling and Development3
Concentration Requirements
Complete either the Concentration/Electives option or the Concentration/Student Assistance Coordinator Certification option below.24
Culminating Experience
COUN 624Counseling Practicum3
COUN 654Internship in Counseling I3
COUN 674Internship in Counseling II3
Comprehensive Examination
In the term that you sit for exam, register for the section which matches your major and advisor. Successfully pass exam.
Comprehensive Examination
Total Credits60

School Counseling Concentration with Electives Option

Required Courses
COUN 583Counseling in Schools I3
COUN 586Counseling in Schools II3
Complete 18 credits from the following:18
Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling
Community Resources: Alcohol/Substance Abuse Counseling
Counseling Children and Adolescents
Theories of Consultation
Treatment in the Context of the Family
Counseling Adults
Strategies in Gerontological Counseling
Introduction to Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling
Special Topics in Counseling
Ecotherapy: Applied Ecopsychology
Advanced Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling
Counseling the Adoption Triad
Counseling Older Adults
Gender Issues in Counseling
Education Law
Special Education for Students with Disabilities
Total Credits24

School Counseling Concentration with Student Assistance Coordinator Certification Option

Required Courses
COUN 540Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling3
COUN 545Community Resources: Alcohol/Substance Abuse Counseling3
COUN 564Counseling Children and Adolescents3
COUN 583Counseling in Schools I3
COUN 586Counseling in Schools II3
COUN 591Family Seminar: Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling3
ELAD 521Education Law3
HLTH 511Biomedical and Psychosocial Perspectives on Drugs3
Total Credits24