Computer Science (M.S.)

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Program Requirements

Required Courses
CSIT 515Software Engineering3
CSIT 545Computer Architecture3
CSIT 571Computer Algorithms and Analysis3
CSIT 696Research Methods in Computing3
Complete 5 courses from the list below.15
Culminating Experience
Compelete one of the following: 13
Master's Project
Master's Thesis
Total Credits30
Elective Courses
CSIT 514Compiler Construction3
CSIT 527Principles of Secure Programming3
CSIT 528Statistics for Data Science3
CSIT 529Parallel and Distributed Computing3
CSIT 531Robotics3
CSIT 535Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)3
CSIT 537Web Development3
CSIT 540Computer Networks3
CSIT 547Operating Systems3
CSIT 548Scalable Distributed Systems3
CSIT 550Text Management3
CSIT 551Mobile Computing3
CSIT 552Python for Data Science3
CSIT 553Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization3
CSIT 554Big Data Analytics3
CSIT 555Database Systems3
CSIT 556Introduction to Data Science3
CSIT 557Advanced Techniques in Data Science3
CSIT 558Data Mining3
CSIT 560Network Security3
CSIT 561Computer Security3
CSIT 562Web Security3
CSIT 565Information Security Management3
CSIT 566Computer Forensics3
CSIT 567Cryptography3
CSIT 574Image Processing3
CSIT 575Computer Graphics3
CSIT 580Network Science3
CSIT 595Special Topics in Computer Science3
CSIT 598Machine Learning3
CSIT 599Advanced Algorithms for Data Science3
CSIT 610Information Technology Project Management3
CSIT 615Advanced Software Engineering3
CSIT 616Software Process Management3
CSIT 635Advanced Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)3
CSIT 655Advanced Database Systems3
CSIT 656Scientific Databases3
CSIT 670Advanced Computer Algorithms and Analysis3
CSIT 691Independent Study: Computer Science3
CSIT 695Readings in Computer Science1-4

CSIT 696 is the prerequisite for CSIT 697 and CSIT 698.