Business Administration Major, International Business Concentration (B.S.)

Montclair State School of Business students who concentrate in International Business gain the skills and knowledge they need to serve customers in a range of global markets.

If you want to build relationships, develop business solutions, and have an aptitude for foreign languages, consider a career in international business.

A minimum of 120 credits of coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree with a minimum 2.0 overall GPA, and a minimum 2.0 major GPA. However, more than 120 credits may be required depending upon the major field of study.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 42 credits of General Education requirements and 3-9 credits of World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Business Administration Required Core
Business Fundamentals
ACCT 204Fundamentals of Accounting3
BSLW 235Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment of Business3
BUGN 280Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Communication3
INBS 250Introduction to International Business3
INFO 290Technology in Business3
Integrated Core
BUGN 295Elements of Business3
FINC 300Integrated Core: Finance3
INFO 300Integrated Core: Operations Management3
MGMT 300Integrated Core: Management3
MGMT 439Applied Business Strategy3
MKTG 300Integrated Core: Marketing3
International Business Concentration
Select one of the following:3
Export/Import Marketing Process
International Marketing
International Management
INBS 370World Trade and Investment3
or INBS 380 Global Financial Environment
INBS 484Senior Seminar in International Business 13
Select three of the following:9
Export/Import Marketing Process
International Marketing
International Management
World Trade and Investment
Global Financial Environment
Globalization and World Development
International Financial Markets and Investment
International Retailing
International Business Co-op Ed
Major Electives
Select 9 credits from the list (see below) 29
Business Administration Collaterals
ECON 101Applied Macroeconomics3
ECON 102Applied Microeconomics3
INFO 173Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Decisions3
INFO 240Statistical Methods in Business3
Business Administration Career Learning
Complete the following courses. There is no credit associated with these courses.
BUGN 310Campus to Career Transition I0
BUGN 320Campus To Career Transition II0
BUGN 330Campus To Career Transition III0
BUGN 340Campus To Career Transition IV0
Total Credits72

Major Electives

ECON 204Real Estate Principles and Practice3
ECON 206Managerial Economics3
ECON 207Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis3
ECON 208Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis3
ECON 215The Economics of Social Problems3
ECON 224Financial Economics3
ECON 300World Resources and Industries3
ECON 301Money and Banking3
ECON 303Economic Growth and Development3
ECON 305Commercial Real Estate Analysis3
ECON 310Urban and Regional Economics3
ECON 311Labor Economics3
ECON 312Business Cycles and Forecasting3
ECON 317Elementary Mathematical Techniques for Economics3
ECON 320Latin American Environments and Economies in a Global Framework3
ECON 370International Economics3
ECON 401Financial Institutions3
ECON 407Economics of Industrial Organization3
ECON 408Strategic Thinking and Game Theory3
ECON 420Applied Econometrics3
ENTR 201The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation3
ENTR 260Introduction to Innovation and 3D Printing3
ENTR 301Creating Your Startup Business Model3
ENTR 302Preparing to Pitch and Launch Your Startup3
ENTR 350Entrepreneurship Cooperative Education1-3
FINC 321Fundamentals of Finance3
FINC 322Capital Budgeting Management3
FINC 326Investment Principles and Portfolio Theory3
FINC 327International Financial Management 13
FINC 350Special Topics in Finance3
FINC 410Computer Applications in Economics and Finance3
FINC 423Advanced Corporate Finance3
FINC 425Working Capital Management3
FINC 430Futures/Options, and other Derivatives3
FINC 431Advanced International Financial Management3
FINC 490Seminar in Finance3
FINC 491Cooperative Education in Finance3-8
HOSP 250Hospitality Management3
HOSP 320Hospitality Co-Op Ed3
HOSP 325Service Management in Hospitality3
HOSP 330Resort Management3
HOSP 335International Hospitality Management3
HOSP 340Restaurant Management and Operations3
HOSP 350Club Management3
HOSP 355Contemporary Topics in Hospitality3
HOSP 360Casino Management and Operations3
HOSP 365Convention Facility Management3
HOSP 370Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technologies in Hospitality3
HOSP 375Property and Community Association Management3
HOSP 380Lodging Management3
HOSP 390Food and Beverage Management3
HOSP 392Selected Topics in Hospitality Management1-3
HOSP 435Managing Diversity in the Hospitality Industry3
HOSP 480Revenue Management in Hospitality3
HOSP 490Entrepreneurship in Hospitality3
INBS 347Export/Import Marketing Process3
INBS 349International Marketing3
INBS 356International Management3
INBS 352Economic Relations in Latin America3
INBS 370World Trade and Investment 13
INBS 380Global Financial Environment3
INBS 420Globalization and World Development3
INBS 440International Retailing3
INBS 482International Business Co-op Ed3
INFO 209Personal Finance3
INFO 230Introduction to Business Co-Op Work Exp (3 credits may be taken)3
INFO 310Database Management Systems3
INFO 342Information Technology Infrastructure3
INFO 351Fundamentals of Project Management3
INFO 360MIS Co-Op3
INFO 361Information Technology Special Projects3
INFO 365Foundations of Business Analytics3
INFO 366Managing Big Data3
INFO 367Structured Data Analytics3
INFO 368Unstructured Data Analytics3
INFO 400Business Analytics Capstone Practicum3
INFO 412Management for Information Systems Continuity3
INFO 416Business Process Analysis and Enterprise Systems3
INFO 440Data Analysis and Visualization3
INFO 470Electronic Commerce: Creating Business Value Using Information Technology3
INFO 491Independent Study in Information Systems3
INFO 492Special Topics in Information Systems1-3
INFO 496Advanced Systems Analysis and Design3
LITM 201Introduction to Leisure and Tourism3
LITM 301Leisure and Tourism Operations3
LITM 302Leisure and Tourism Facilities3
MGMT 231Management Processes3
MGMT 305Negotiations in the Workplace3
MGMT 314Contemporary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)3
MGMT 315Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 316Human Resource Management3
MGMT 318Leadership3
MGMT 327Training, Development, and Career Planning3
MGMT 331Family Business3
MGMT 332Diversity In Business3
MGMT 335Small Business Management3
MGMT 363Business and Society3
MGMT 392Management Cooperative Education3
MGMT 416Global Talent Management3
MGMT 417Compensation Management3
MGMT 431Strategic Business Execution3
MGMT 435Organizational Development and Change3
MGMT 436Strategic Project Management3
MGMT 491Business Consulting3
MGMT 492Selected Topics in Management1-3
MKTG 240Introduction to Marketing3
MKTG 250Professional Selling3
MKTG 307Retail Marketing and Management3
MKTG 309Buying and Distribution Strategies3
MKTG 310Services Marketing3
MKTG 315International Tourism Marketing3
MKTG 320Sports Marketing and Management3
MKTG 321Event Marketing and Planning3
MKTG 325E-Tailing and Multi-Channel Retailing3
MKTG 339Creative Process in Marketing3
MKTG 341Consumer Behavior3
MKTG 342Sales Concepts and Practices3
MKTG 343Direct Marketing3
MKTG 344Integrated Marketing Communications3
MKTG 345Nonprofit Operations and Marketing3
MKTG 350Pharmaceutical and Health Care Marketing3
MKTG 351Retail Store Co-op Ed3
MKTG 352Event Marketing Practicum2-3
MKTG 353Law of Sports, Entertainment and Tourism3
MKTG 355Sports, Events and Tourism Marketing Co-Op3
MKTG 360Brand Management3
MKTG 365Sustainability and Green Marketing3
MKTG 442Marketing Research3
MKTG 443Sales Leadership Negotiation3
MKTG 445Marketing Strategies in Sports, Event and Tourism Industries3
MKTG 446Marketing Strategy and Implementation3
MKTG 447Marketing Analytics3
MKTG 448Marketing Consulting3
MKTG 451Internship in Retail Management3
MKTG 482Independent Owned and Franchised Retailing3
MKTG 483Seminar in Retail Management3
MKTG 489Internet and Social Media Marketing3
MKTG 490Marketing Co-op Ed3
MKTG 492Independent Study in Marketing1-3
MKTG 493Special Topics in Marketing1-3
REAL 204Real Estate Principles and Practice3
REAL 305Commercial Real Estate Analysis3
REAL 360Mortgage and Fixed Income Analysis3
REAL 405Real Estate Developtment3
REAL 460Real Estate Investments3