Business Administration, Finance Concentration (M.B.A.)

Sound financial management is critical to the success of every business.  This discipline is a training ground for many top managers in modern corporations, with studies showing that most top executives have a background in finance.   As an MBA candidate with a concentration in Finance, you will acquire the skills and knowledge that you will need to succeed in a variety of industries and sectors, in general management as well as financial services careers. The Finance concentration curriculum focuses on:

  • Financial decision-making
  • Global markets’ behavior and interactions
  • Capital acquisition and leverage
  • Securities valuation
  • Portfolio management strategies

Program Requirements

Foundation Courses
ACCT 530Financial Accounting3
ECON 530Microeconomics for Managers1.5
ECON 531Macroeconomics for Managers1.5
FINC 530Managerial Finance3
INFO 530Introduction to Business Statistics1.5
MKTG 531Contemporary Marketing1.5
MBA Core Courses
ACCT 560Accounting for Business Managers3
ECON 562Macroeconomics Analysis and Public Policy1.5
ECON 563Managerial Economics1.5
FINC 560Corporate Financial Decision Making1.5
FINC 561Investments for Managers1.5
INBS 561Emerging Trends in Global Markets1.5
INBS 562International Experience1.5
INFO 561Applied Business Statistics1.5
INFO 562Management Science in Business1.5
INFO 563Strategic Information Systems3
INFO 564Operations and Supply Change Management1.5
MGMT 561Achieving Competitive Advantage1.5
MGMT 562Organizational Behavior1.5
MGMT 565Project Management1.5
MGMT 566Negotiation in the Workplace1.5
MGMT 567Managing the Multi-Business Firm1.5
MKTG 561Applied Marketing Management1.5
MKTG 562Market Analysis and Customer Insight1.5
MKTG 563Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility1.5
Select 9 credits from the following:9
Currency Fundamentals and Currency Hedging
Cross Borders Investing and Financing
Capital Structure and Payout Policy
Independent Study in Finance (may be taken for 1-3 credits)
Selected Topics in Finance (may be taken for 1-3 credits)
Futures, Forwards, and Swaps
Options Markets
Short Term Financial Management
Financial Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions
Select 3 credits from the list (see below) 13
Total Credits55.5

Not previously completed as part of concentration.


ACCT 508Governmental and Not For Profit Accounting3
ACCT 510Accounting Information Systems3
ACCT 512Fundamentals of Federal Taxation3
ACCT 514Advanced Taxation for Accountants3
ACCT 520Contemporary Issues in Financial Accounting I3
ACCT 521Contemporary Issues in Financial Accounting II3
ACCT 523Financial Statement Analysis3
ACCT 524Auditing Concepts and Techniques3
ACCT 525International Taxation and International Management Accounting3
ACCT 526Fraud Examination3
ACCT 527Forensic Accounting3
ACCT 528Business Valuation3
ACCT 540International Accounting and Auditing3
ACCT 575Independent Study in Accounting1-3
ACCT 577Selected Topics in Accounting1-3
BSLW 503Business Law I3
BSLW 504Business Law II3
BSLW 506Legal Issues in Forensic Accounting3
ECON 571Globalization and the Developing World1.5
ECON 575Independent Study in Economics1-3
ECON 577Selected Topics in Economics1-3
ENTR 571Advanced Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation3
ENTR 572Advanced Startup Business Model3
ENTR 573Advanced Strategies to Pitch and Launch Your Startup3
ENTR 577Selected Topics: Entrepreneurship1-3
FINC 571Currency Fundamentals and Currency Hedging1.5
FINC 573Cross Borders Investing and Financing1.5
FINC 574Capital Structure and Payout Policy1.5
FINC 575Independent Study in Finance1-3
FINC 577Selected Topics in Finance1-3
FINC 578Futures, Forwards, and Swaps1.5
FINC 579Options Markets1.5
FINC 580Short Term Financial Management1.5
FINC 581Financial Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions1.5
INBS 575Independent Study in International Business3
INBS 577Selected Topics in International Business1-3
INBS 581International Marketing Management1.5
INFO 571Discovering and Leveraging Emerging Technologies1.5
INFO 572Business Analysis1.5
INFO 573Practicum in E-Commerce1.5
INFO 574Business Database Development1.5
INFO 575Independent Study in Information Systems for Business1-3
INFO 577Selected Topics in Information Systems for Business1-3
MGMT 570Strategic Human Resource Management1.5
MGMT 571Leadership1.5
MGMT 572Entrepreneurship I: Developing and Testing the Business Concept1.5
MGMT 573Entrepreneurship II: Launching the Venture1.5
MGMT 574Business Leader Perspectives1.5
MGMT 575Independent Study in Management1-3
MGMT 576Advanced Project Management1.5
MGMT 577Selected Topics in Management1-3
MGMT 578International Strategic Management1.5
MGMT 579Business Communications1.5
MGMT 581Hospitality Management1.5
MKTG 571Marketing Metrics1.5
MKTG 572Strategic Brand Management1.5
MKTG 573Marketing in a Social Local Mobile World1.5
MKTG 574Sports Marketing and Management1.5
MKTG 575Independent Study in Marketing1-3
MKTG 577Selected Topics in Marketing1-3
MKTG 578Pharmaceutical Marketing and Health Care Services1.5
MKTG 581Integrated Marketing Communication: Crisis Management1.5