Biology, Physiology Concentration (M.S.)

Program Requirements

Required Courses
BIOL 524Advanced Systemic Physiology I3
BIOL 525Advanced Systemic Physiology II3
BIOL 553Advanced Pathophysiology3
BIOL 592Graduate Colloquium1
Select 15-17 credits from the list below (15 credits required if Thesis option is chosen):15-17
Culminating Experience
BIOL 597Research in Biological Literature1
Select one of the following options:6-4
Master's Thesis
Research and Comprehensive Examination
Introduction to Biological Research
Comprehensive Examination
Total Credits32


BIOL 520Plant Physiology3
BIOL 529Advanced Herpetology4
BIOL 532Advanced Entomology3
BIOL 533Advanced Cell Biology3
BIOL 542Advanced Endocrinology3
BIOL 543Advances in Immunology3
BIOL 544Advanced Comparative Animal Physiology3
BIOL 546Special Topics in Physiology Special Topics in Physiology3
BIOL 547Molecular Biology I3
BIOL 549Special Topics in Developmental Biology3
BIOL 552Biology of Lipids3
BIOL 554Microbial Physiology3
BIOL 555Medical Genetics3
BIOL 556Molecular Biology of Proteins3
BIOL 557Virology3
BIOL 568Advanced Neuroscience3
BIOL 570Ecology3
BIOL 571Physiological Plant Ecology4
BIOL 579Physiological Ecology of Animals3
BIOL 586Special Topics in Advanced Biology3-4
BIOL 588Special Topics in Advanced Physiology3-4
STAT 537Design and Analysis of Experiments3
STAT 538Regression Methods3
STAT 546Non-Parametric Statistics3