Biology (M.S.)

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Program Requirements

Required Courses
BIOL 520Plant Physiology3
or BIOL 540 Mammalian Physiology
BIOL 547Molecular Biology I3
BIOL 570Ecology3
BIOL 597Research in Biological Literature1
Electives and Culminating Experience
Biology Areas of Emphasis
Select 16-19 credits from the list below. 116-19
Thesis or Non-Thesis Option
Select one of the following:4-6
Thesis Option
Master's Thesis
Submit the completed Thesis original and one copy to the Graduate Office. See Thesis Guidelines for details.
Research or Lab/Field Course Option
Introduction to Biological Research 2
Comprehensive Examination
In the term that you will sit for exam, register for the section which matches your major & advisor. Successfully pass exam.
Total Credits32

BIOL 514 is recommended.


Or Biology/Lab Field course approved by Graduate Program Coordinator.

Biology Areas of Emphasis

BIOL 500Introductory Molecular Cell Biology1.5
BIOL 510Biology Pedagogy for Secondary Teachers3
BIOL 512Special Topics in Modern Genetics3
BIOL 514Graduate Seminar in Biology2
BIOL 518Strategies for Teaching College Biology1
BIOL 520Plant Physiology3
BIOL 521Field Studies of Flowering Plants4
BIOL 529Advanced Herpetology4
BIOL 532Advanced Entomology3
BIOL 533Advanced Cell Biology3
BIOL 535Advanced Community Ecology3
BIOL 540Mammalian Physiology3
BIOL 542Advanced Endocrinology3
BIOL 543Advances in Immunology3
BIOL 544Advanced Comparative Animal Physiology3
BIOL 545Experimental Endocrinology4
BIOL 546Special Topics in Physiology3
BIOL 548Molecular Biology II4
BIOL 549Special Topics in Developmental Biology3
BIOL 550Special Topics in Microbiology3
BIOL 552Biology of Lipids3
BIOL 554Microbial Physiology3
BIOL 555Medical Genetics3
BIOL 556Molecular Biology of Proteins3
BIOL 557Virology3
BIOL 558Microbial Genetics3
BIOL 560Molecular Genetics3
BIOL 571Physiological Plant Ecology4
BIOL 574Behavioral Ecology3
BIOL 575Avian Biology4
BIOL 576Biology of Extreme Habitats3
BIOL 578Urban Ecology3
BIOL 579Physiological Ecology of Animals3
BIOL 580Evolutionary Mechanisms3
BIOL 586Special Topics in Advanced Biology3-4
BIOL 592Graduate Colloquium1
BIOL 593Molecular Ecology3
BIOL 594Signal Transduction3
BIOL 595Conservation Biology: The Preservation of Biological Diversity3
BIOL 596Selected Techniques in Biology Science Education1.5
BIOL 598Selected Techniques in Molecular Biology1.5
0-4 credits from the following may be used:
BIOL 572Wetland Ecology4
BIOL 573Shoreline Ecology4
0-6 credits from the following may be taken with advisor approval:
CHEM 530Advanced Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 532Organic Synthesis3
CHEM 570Advanced Biochemistry3
EAES 505Environmental Geoscience3
EAES 526Geochemistry3
EAES 545Paleoecology3
EAES 550Advanced Marine Geology3