Audiology (Au.D.)

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Program Requirements

Academic Core
CSND 544Diagnostic Procedures in Audiology I3
CSND 545Diagnostic Procedures in Audiology II3
CSND 546Diagnostic Procedures in Audiology III3
CSND 547Clinical Laboratory for Diagnostic I1
CSND 548Clinical Laboratory for Diagnostic II1
CSND 549Clinical Laboratory for Diagnostic III1
CSND 550Basic Hearing Aid Technology and Fitting3
CSND 551Clinical Laboratory Basic Hearing Aid Technology and Fitting1
CSND 577Scientific and Professional Writing3
CSND 580Aural Rehabilitation for Adults3
CSND 581Pediatric Aural (Re)Habilitation and Educational Audiology3
CSND 601Auditory Processing Disorders3
CSND 602Hearing and Speech Science3
CSND 620Pediatric Audiology3
CSND 621Implantable Devices for the Remediation of Hearing Loss3
CSND 671Special Topics in Audiology1
CSND 696Issues in Healthcare Systems2
CSND 701Auditory Anatomy and Physiology3
CSND 702Clinical Instrumentation3
CSND 703Biomedical Ethics2
CSND 704Clinical Laboratory in Auditory Processing Disorders1
CSND 705Community and Industrial Audiology2
CSND 706Advanced Amplification Technology3
CSND 707Genetics and Embryology of the Auditory System3
CSND 708Psychoacoustics I3
CSND 710Neurophysiology for Hearing, Language and Speech3
CSND 711Counseling in Audiology3
CSND 807Medical Audiology3
CSND 808Psychoacoustics II3
CSND 809Cognition and Hearing Science3
CSND 865Speech-Language Pathology for Audiologists1
Clinical Practica
CSND 530Clinical Observation/Clinical Preparation1
CSND 552Clinical Internship I3
CSND 553Clinical Internship II3
CSND 554Clinical Internship III3
CSND 699Clinical Externship I2
CSND 700Clinical Externship II2
CSND 731Clinical Externship III2
CSND 732Clinical Externship IV2
CSND 862Fourth Year Externship I3
CSND 863Fourth Year Externship II3
CSND 864Online Grand Rounds2
Research and Capstone
CSND 750Research Methods3
CSND 850Directed Research I2
CSND 851Directed Research II2
CSND 852Directed Research III2
CSND 854Applied Analysis for Communication Sciences and Disorders3
CSND 834Seminar in University Teaching1
CSND 837Seminar in Clinical Preceptorship1
CSND 835Practicum in University Teaching2
Total Credits118