Athletic Training (M.S.)

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Program Requirements

Professional Practice Core
ATTR 500Foundations of Therapeutic Intervention and Critical Incident Management 13
ATTR 502Clinical Anatomy3
ATTR 530Risk Reduction, Wellness, and Health Literacy 13
ATTR 531Psychosocial Interventions and Health Equity in Athletic Training3
ATTR 532General Health Conditions and Pharmacology in Athletic Training3
ATTR 540Assessment Evaluation and Diagnosis of Health Conditions I 13
ATTR 542Assessment Evaluation and Diagnosis of Health Conditions II3
ATTR 541Therapeutic Interventions I: Therapeutic Exercise3
ATTR 543Therapeutic Intervention II: Therapeutic Modalities3
ATTR 533Healthcare Administration Professional Responsibility3
Athletic Training Clinical Practicum
ATTR 551Clinical Experience in Athletic Training I 13
ATTR 552Clinical Experience in Athletic Training II3
ATTR 553Clinical Experience in Athletic Training III3
ATTR 554Clinical Experience in Athletic Training IV3
Research Component
ATTR 560Research Seminar in Evidence-Based Principles and Practices3
Total Credits45

Students in the combined Exercise Science Major, Clinical and Pre-Professional Studies Concentration (B.S.)/Athletic Training (M.S.) program complete this course as part of the undergraduate degree program.

The M.S. in Athletic Training program has a summer start only.  Classes are offered in a sequence and students move through the program in a cohort.

First Year
ATTR 5303ATTR 5423ATTR 5003
ATTR 5403ATTR 5413ATTR 5023
ATTR 55113ATTR 5333 
 ATTR 55213 
 9 12 6
Second Year
ATTR 5323ATTR 5313 
ATTR 5433ATTR 5603 
ATTR 55313ATTR 55413 
 9 9 
Total Credits 45

Required clinical experience/fieldwork under the supervision of a Licensed Athletic Trainer.  Placement is made by the program clinical education coordinator.  Students will be asked to complete a state background check and fingerprinting prior to ATTR 551.