University College (UNIV)

UNIV 300  Inquiry, Strategy, Planning and Reflection in Liberal Studies  (3 credits)

Restriction(s): BA in Liberal Studies majors only. Students will develop an educational plan and set of strategies for plan completion to maximize the professional, intellectual and personal value of the Liberal Studies degree. Students will be guided in a refresher on the contemporary university, with an emphasis on available tools and resources for online learners. Students will read and respond to contemporary research and policy literature on the value of the Liberal Arts degree for the adult student in light of the reflective analysis of their own history as learners, students, and workers. The course will culminate with individual presentations of student plans that are critiqued by peers and the instructor for the purpose of best-supporting individuals in their degree completion.

UNIV 400  Capstone Reflective Course in Liberal Studies  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): UNIV 300. Students work individually and/or in groups with the instructor to develop a reflective culminating project that is both derived from and builds on their earlier coursework and/or past and/or present personal experiences.