Sports Communication (SPTC)

SPTC 241  Introduction to Sports Storytelling  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): CMST 110; and WRIT 106 or HONP 101. This course provides an overview of the sports media landscape, including sports writing for print/digital, television, radio, social media and public relations. Students will learn how to identify story ideas, research information, evaluate sources, interview, write, and edit--principles that apply across all sports communication and media disciplines. Students will become familiar with career opportunities in the sport media and sports communication industry and learn the ethical principles which guide these professions. Meets the Graduation Writing Requirement for majors in Sports Communication.

SPTC 243  Special Topics in Sports Communication  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): CMST 110. This course addresses a special topic pertaining to sports communication within a particular disciplinary context, such as sports journalism, storytelling, mass media, multimedia, rhetoric, politics, intercultural issues, gender issues, sports fandom, social media, emerging technology, and/or public relations. Students will develop conceptual understandings of sports communication techniques and technologies and evaluate their impact. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits, provided the topic is different.

SPTC 247  Sports Media and Society  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): CMST 110. This course is intended to introduce students to the specialized area of sports media. By the conclusion of the course, students will: understand and be able to offer informed opinions about the importance of sports as a defining element of any society; understand the intersection of sports with race, gender, and politics; and understand how sports coverage in mass media plays a pivotal role in societal debate and change. Equivalent course TVDM 247 effective through Summer 2021.

SPTC 290  Red Hawk Sports Network  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): CMST 110 and JOUR 253. This course will be run like a professional newsroom. Students will produce the weekly, 15-minute studio show "Inside the Nest" for the Red Hawk Sports Network and other sports features. The show is featured on the Montclair State Athletics website and streamed on YouTube. Students will work as members of a production team, write and produce program segments. They will rotate roles as producer, videographer, editor, writer, host or field reporter. Most pre-production for the show will be done outside of scheduled class time. Students will be permitted to repeat the class to develop their skills and to foster an environment of student-to-student collaboration and apprenticeship. May be repeated for a maximum of 24 credits.

SPTC 340  Sports Public Relations  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): STCM 240 or CMST 210 or SPTC 241 or SPTC 247. This course will cover the basic principles and concepts of sports public relations. Students will be introduced to the history and development of sports public relations, to the range of responsibilities and functions that public relations practitioners assume in a variety of organizations, and to the significant issues and trends that shape and will continue to influence the practice of public relations. The course will emphasize the best practices of ethical conduct and the importance of broad perspective and critical thought.

SPTC 341  Cross Platform Sports Writing and Reporting  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): SPTC 241. This seminar course provides experience in writing and reporting sports to deliver content on all major platforms. Through lectures, writing, field reporting, readings and guest speakers, students develop a strong understanding of the challenges faced on the sports beat. This course includes instruction in the use of social media, web sites, and video as important components of top tier sports coverage. Equivalent course TVDM 341 effective through Summer 2021.

SPTC 342  Sports Television and Radio Performance  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): SPTC 241. This course trains students to work in sports television and radio for on-air roles, which include play-by-play announcer, color analyst, sideline reporter, and studio show host and analyst. Students do background research and conduct interviews to identify storylines. They prepare depth charts and game sheets and memorize key information and statistics for on-air roles. They write scripts for sports news and feature segments. They also study the history of sports television and radio, examine sports media partnerships and analyze industry trends.

SPTC 343  Sports Analytics  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): SPTC 241. In this course, students will examine the use of data and analytics in sports and their impact on the greater sports media complex. From the perspective of a sports communication professional, the class will examine popular metrics and data sets often used to drive decisions in sport. Students will learn how to read and cover these often complex measures, and they will examine how to use data to drive media relations and marketing potential. Topics to be covered include team and player analytics, the use of analytics in sports marketing and social media, the use of analytics in sports media, and how to use data in building an overall communication plan for a sports organization.

SPTC 440  Sports Sponsorships and Promotions  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): SPTC 340. In this course, students will examine sports sponsorships and other promotions as critical tools in the sports communication toolbox. Students will explore different types of sponsorships and understand how they are negotiated, activated, and measured in an increasingly complex promotional environment. Students will examine the use of athletes, events, leagues, and teams as critical ways in promoting across platforms to a breadth of publics. Working collaboratively, students will learn how to create and pitch sponsorship packages to a range of organizations.

SPTC 441  Sports Production for Television, Radio and Internet  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): SPTC 341. This class is designed to introduce advanced level media students to the fundamental principles of sports media production. Students will write, shoot, edit, voice, build graphics and produce sports stories across various platforms. They will assess the variety of content in different sports and media organizations. Equivalent course TVDM 343 effective through Summer 2021.