Spanish/Italian Interdisciplinary (SPIN)

SPIN 161  Magic Realism in Spanish American Literature  (3 credits)

A study of magic realism as manifested in representative works of contemporary Spanish American fiction. Works to be read in English translation. Taught in English. Not for major credit. Meets World Cultures Requirement.

SPIN 205  Introduction to Intercultural Business Communication  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): WRIT 105 or HONP 100. This course equips students with the necessary insight, skills, concepts, and tools to understand the pivotal role of language and culture in business communication. Students will examine how language and culture influence various aspects of business, ranging from collaborative teamwork to leadership responsibilities, both within local contexts and on a global scale. The course begins by exploring the intersection of cross-cultural business practices and continues to cultivate intercultural perspectives, to enable them to successfully assess, identify, navigate and resolve communication and linguistic challenges that arise in the workplace. Students will actively engage in self-examination, addressing their own multilingual and multicultural identities within a business context.

SPIN 375  International Experience in Language, Business Culture  (0 credits)

Prerequisite(s): Departmental approval. Restriction(s): Majors of Language, Business & Culture. Students are required to register for the course when they secure an International Experience. Possibilities for fulfilling this requirement include a study abroad experience; an internship abroad, or an internship in the US with an international company; a faculty-led short-term trip abroad; specific courses with an international experience component; an experiential or cooperative learning course. The Director of Language, Business & Culture will review and approve the international experience.

SPIN 475  Capstone Course in World Language, Business Culture  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): Departmental approval. Restriction(s): Required International Experience. This course is for students in the World Language, Business and Culture major, a joint BA between CHSS and the Feliciano School of Business. Students in each of the language tracks will meet together, subsequent to their required International Experience (internship, study abroad, etc.). Students will critically examine each of their international experiences, comparing and contrasting the linguistic and cultural challenges they encountered, thereby developing strategies to strengthen their inter- and intra-cultural competence and agility. Course taught in English. Meets Graduation Writing Requirements for majors in Language, Business and Culture. Mutually Exclusive with MLLT 475.