Music/Management (MUMG)

MUMG 100  Introduction to the Fine and Performing Arts  (3 credits)

Restriction(s): Music major status; others by departmental approval. An examination of basic aspects and procedures of the music industry, including copyright, publishing, performing rights, production and recording, marketing, and merchandising. Special attention will be paid to current trends and technological developments. Open to music majors only; others by departmental approval.

MUMG 499  Independent Study in Arts Management  (1-4 credits)

Prerequisite(s): John J Cali School of Music approval. Special project in arts management. May be repeated once for a maximum of 4 credits.

MUMG 501  Performance Entrepreneurship  (3 credits)

An examination of what successful musicians need to know to develop career performance opportunities. Topics include contracts, incorporation, non‐profit status (501c3), grant writing, tax rules and documents, working with presenters/managers, marketing, appropriateness of music for specific audiences, use of the internet and social media for promotion. Students will develop a plan for concert presentation in the community, share the video performance of the community concert, and write a paper that discusses the challenges and successes of their experiences presenting the community concert.