International Studies (INTL)

INTL 100  Introduction to Global Issues  (3 credits)

This course is designed to offer students an opportunity to study, in a cross-cultural context, a number of topics which are of a global nature and affect humanity in profound ways and which may influence the evolution of world trends. This course is taught by an interdisciplinary faculty team.

INTL 400  Integrative Seminar in International Studies  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): Program director's approval. Directed research and preparation of seminar reports and written papers on topics which utilize comparative as well as interrelated approaches to international and global issues and themes.

INTL 401  Study Abroad  (3-12 credits)

Prerequisite(s): Study Abroad advisor's approval. Actual courses of instruction are those offered by institutions taking part in Montclair State's study abroad or student exchange programs. This course will be recorded as NC (No credit). Students participating in the program will select, in advance, the courses by consulting with the Study Abroad Advisor, their academic advisors, and the coordinator of the overseas program at the host institution.