Health Professions Education Dual Cert Major (HPEM)

HPEM 150  Principles and Practice of Emergency Care  (3 credits)

Restriction(s): Exercise Science or Physical Education majors or Sports Coaching minors only or departmental approval. Provides knowledge and skills for teaching principles and practices of emergency care in a school or adult fitness setting. Special fee.

HPEM 199  Freshman Seminar in Health and Physical Education  (1 credit)

A professional orientation and an introduction to the breadth of the field of health and physical education in schools, industry and community agencies. Special emphasis is given to the program at Montclair State University. Meets Gen Ed - New Student Seminar.

HPEM 352  Development and Philosophy of Health and Physical Education  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): PEMJ 200 or PEMJ 235. The history and development of health and physical education are traced from primitive to modern times. Influences which contributed to the modern philosophy of health and physical education are identified. May not be taken until junior year. Meets the Graduation Writing Requirement majors in Physical Education.

HPEM 356  Management of Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Fitness Programs  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): PEMJ 200 or PEMJ 235 or EXSC 234. Restriction(s): Sports Coaching minor. Comprehensive information about the management of health and physical education, athletics, and fitness programs. Current trends, practices and support services essential to the development of these programs will be examined.

HPEM 455  Assessment and Technology in Health and Physical Education  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): PEMJ 235 and PEMJ 335 or PEMJ 351. Restriction(s): Physical Education majors or departmental approval. This class is a comprehensive introduction to assessment practices used in the school setting. Students will learn how to create an assessment plan, construct assessment tools for all learning domains, administer the assessment tool, and interpret the information obtained from the assessment. Students will also learn about different forms of technology that can be incorporated into the classroom to assist with assessment. Equivalent course HPEM 355 effective through Summer 2023.