Higher Education (HIED)

HIED 501  Foundations of Higher Education and the Academic Environment  (3 credits)

The primary goal of this course is to provide graduate students with a foundational knowledge of the history, institutional variety, and organizational systems, structures and theories in American higher education and the communities and stakeholders that are involved in these institutions. This course will focus on three core thematic areas: History of American Higher Education; Types of Higher Education Institutions; and Communities, Responsibilities and Experiences in Colleges and Universities. Equivalent course HELA 501 effective through Spring 2020.

HIED 502  Organizational Development and Administration in Higher Education  (3 credits)

The course will equip students with an understanding of conceptual theories and models of organizations as they apply to higher education. Of particular focus will be how management functions such as communication, goal-setting, planning, decision-making, supervision, and knowledge production can be influenced by an institution’s organizational structure, policies, and formal/informal dynamics. Equivalent course HELA 502 effective through Spring 2020.

HIED 503  Diversity and Equity in Higher Education  (3 credits)

This course provides current and future administrators and leaders in higher education with the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to analyze and learn important policies and practices that have expanded access to, influenced campus climate for, and improved outcomes of diverse populations in higher education. This course covers three core thematic areas: access and equity (i.e. affirmative action, opportunity programs, financial aid); the college environment (campus climate, teaching and learning, student retention); and student outcomes (i.e. graduation rates, career trajectories). Equivalent course HELA 503 effective through Spring 2020.

HIED 504  Higher Education Law  (3 credits)

This course will explore the legislative, judicial, and administrative sources of law affecting institutions of higher education with consideration of the legal implications of administrative decision making in such institutions, issues of educational and employee equity, compliance obligations associated with federal laws and regulations, and strategies for addressing legal challenges. Equivalent course HELA 504 effective through Spring 2020.

HIED 601  Leadership, Management, and Supervision in Higher Education  (3 credits)

This course will provide students with an understanding of the major theoretical approaches that address issues of leadership, management, and supervision in higher education. Students will explore the evolution of these theories in the academic organization and develop strategies for applying these theoretical frameworks to the daily work of higher education administrators and leaders. Equivalent course HELA 601 effective through Spring 2020.

HIED 602  Research, Assessment, and Evaluation in Higher Education  (3 credits)

This course provides knowledge and experience in the principles and techniques of research, assessment and evaluation in higher education and other educational settings. Students will consider topics including assessment and evaluation theory and skills; assessment and evaluation models and methods; ethical, legal, and professional issues, and research methods. In preparation for the Capstone course, students will design a complete program and proposal in this experiential course as well as a plan for assessing its effectiveness. Equivalent course HELA 602 effective through Spring 2020.

HIED 612  Higher Education Economics and Finance  (3 credits)

This course will focus on the social, political, and economic factors affecting the finance of higher education. The course has three goals. The first goal is for students to acquire an understanding of higher education finance in the United States, with an emphasis on the analysis of financial policies and current issues at the national, state and institutional levels. The second goal is to hone students’ ability to develop rationales, using the concepts learned from the course, to justify expenditures according to their specific interests. The third goal is to envision how higher education finance can affect social change in the U.S. No financial training is required. Equivalent course HELA 612 effective through Spring 2020.

HIED 614  Globalization and Higher Education  (3 credits)

This course will introduce students to concepts of globalization and internationalization of higher education and its effects to postsecondary institutions within and outside the U.S. It will provide an overview of international higher education and student affairs by global regions. This course will emphasize issues for international students and faculty, implications for student affairs, study abroad programs, and leadership and administration in international settings. Equivalent course HELA 614 effective through Spring 2020.

HIED 630  Practicum in Higher Education  (3 credits)

The practicum consists of a supervised and evaluated work experience (minimum of 100 hours) in a higher education setting that is overseen by a faculty member and a professional practitioner at the site. The practicum offers the student an opportunity to integrate and apply classroom learning in an actual work environment, to gain practical experience in that particular office/department, to explore career opportunities within higher education, and to develop related expertise. Selection of the practicum site will be tailored to student’s desired area of focus in higher education, current work esponsibilities, and desired career path. Equivalent course HELA 630 effective through Spring 2020.

HIED 640  Capstone in Higher Education  (3 credits)

Capstone is the culminating requirement for the MA in Higher Education Administration. The Capstone is project focused. It consists of a practical experience overseen by a faculty member and a professional practitioner in which the student is expected to identify and seek to address an authentic problem in a higher education setting within the context of the related theories and professional best practices. Selection of the project will be tailored to student’s desired area of focus in higher education, current work responsibilities, and desired career path. Equivalent course HELA 640 effective through Spring 2020.

HIED 670  Special Topics in Higher Education  (3 credits)

Emphasis on critical and emergent issues for higher education administrators and leaders. Topics will vary depending on the needs, concerns, or interests of individual students taking the course and the faculty member instructing the course. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits as long as the topic is different. Equivalent course HELA 670 effective through Spring 2020.