Generic Graduate Course (GRAD)

GRAD CMP  Comprehensive Examination  (0.5 credits)

Restriction(s): Matriculation in Master's degree program required. This course is a placeholder for matriculated master's students planning to take the departmental Comprehensive Examination. Successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination will result in a grade of P, unsuccessful students will receive a grade of NC. Students who do not successfully complete the Comprehensive Examination will be required to register for this placeholder course in each term for which they plan to take the examination (limited to three).

GRAD DC1  Doctoral Continuous Matriculation  (0.5 credits)

Restriction(s): Matriculation in Doctoral degree program required. Special fee.

GRAD EPF  E-Portfolio  (0 credits)

Restriction(s): Matriculation in Urban Teacher Residency Master's degree program. This course is a placeholder for master's students matriculated in the Urban Teacher Residency Program who are planning to submit an E-portfolio. Students may register for this course a maximum of three times.

GRAD HRS  Graduate Hours Equivalecy  (0.5-9 credits)

During a semester in which the minimum number of credits for a desired enrollment status (full- or half-time) is not maintained, certain “equivalent” activities that are directly related to a student’s master’s or doctoral degree program may be considered. Students who are granted half- or full-time equivalency will be enrolled in this course by the Registrar’s Office and this course will appear on students’ records. There is no fee for this course, nor will any formal credits be awarded. Students must complete the Equivalency Request Form in order to be enrolled in this course.

GRAD MC1  Continuous Matriculation Course  (0.5 credits)

Restriction(s): Matriculation in Master's degree program required. Special fee.