General Education (GNED)

GNED 100  Adult Academic Success Seminar 2 Credits

Prerequisite(s): For Center for Adult Learning students only. This course is designed for the adult student who is returning to college after some time away or entering college for the first time. It provides students with strategies and information essential to the enhancement of their academic and social success. This course affords adult students the opportunity to experience the larger campus community while learning skills for effective study, retrieval and evaluation of information, critical thinking, problem solving, and the development of life-long learning skills. Meets Gen Ed - New Student Seminar. 2 hours seminar.

GNED 199  New Student Seminar 1 Credit

This course prepares first-year students for college-level work and campus life. It acquaints students with university expectations and resources and provides them with the academic skills and strategies to allow them to succeed as college students. It addresses the social and personal issues that students face as well as helping them to appreciate and grow from campus diversity. Meets Gen Ed - New Student Seminar. 1 hour seminar.

GNED 201  Scientific Issues 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): Sophomore or junior standing. Coming from many different disciplines, these courses emphasize contemporary issues involving the application of the natural and/or physical sciences. Students completing this course should achieve an expanded understanding of the application of scientific knowledge and methodology to address issues, problems and decisions facing contemporary society. 3 hours lecture.

GNED 202  Interdisciplinary National Issues 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): Sophomore or junior standing. Introduces students at the sophomore or junior level to a contemporary issue of importance within the United States. The course may also include relevant international and historical perspectives. Draws upon basic principles from the social sciences, applying the scientific method, data analysis, reasoning and logic to conduct an examination of a contemporary social issue such as class, ethnicity, gender, immigration and migration, inequality, justice, life course development, mental health, or race. Course will be taught by faculty from two different disciplines with at least one member from anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology, or sociology. 3 hours lecture.

GNED 303  Interdisciplinary Global Issues 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): Sophomore or junior standing. Students pursue interdisciplinary study of a contemporary global issue in comparative perspective. The course examines the context of the issue, how it has arisen out of different socio-political circumstances and what results it has produced in different regions of the world. A team of faculty from two different disciplines will collaborate to address an issue such as artistic expression, citizenship, conflict and violence, environmental sustainability, ethnic and religious coexistence, immigration and migration, literacy, political development and economic change, public health, or world poverty. 3 hours lecture.