Art & Design/Criticism (ARCR)

ARCR 501  MFA Seminar in Theory and Criticism I  (3 credits)

Restriction(s): MFA majors only. An appropriate amount of written critical work and relevant required readings will be assigned, accompanied by regular discussions and critiques of student work in progress. Visits to area museums and galleries are required and such material evidenced in the level of conversation and student work. The seminar will be instructed by a visiting art critic.

ARCR 601  MFA Seminar in Theory and Criticism II  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): ARCR 501, a total of 30 SH in MFA Degree program (ARCR, ARST, ARHS: 500 level), departmental approval. Restriction(s): MFA majors only. Continuation of ARCR 501. Taken serially.