American Sign Language (AMSL)

AMSL 101  Beginning American Sign Language I 3 Credits

Special fee. This course introduces students to American Sign Language (ASL). Students will master basic structures of ASL. They will acquire a sizeable vocabulary, and they will achieve the ability to participate in conversations on a variety of topics. Meets World Languages Requirement. 3 hours lecture.

AMSL 102  Beginning American Sign Language II 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): AMSL 101. Special fee. This course is a continuation of AMSL 101 and is designed to further students' command of American Sign Language (ASL). They will learn additional ASL structures; they will add to their vocabulary; and they will improve their fluency in conversation. Meets World Languages Requirement. 3 hours lecture.

AMSL 201  Intermediate American Sign Language I 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): AMSL 102. Special fee. This course builds on the skills acquired in Beginning ASL I and II. Emphasis will be on acquiring the ability to use ASL to converse about a wider range of topics. Students will increase their vocabularies, learn additional sentence types, and improve their skills in the use of the Manual Alphabet. 3 hours lecture.

AMSL 202  Intermediate American Sign Language II 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): AMSL 201. Special fee. This course is a continuation of AMSL 201. In addition to an increased vocabulary and greater fluency in the use of ASL, students will learn several structures that are absent from English and many other familiar languages. 3 hours lecture.

AMSL 301  American Sign Language Discourse 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): AMSL 202. This course will focus on the development of advanced conversational skills used by the Deaf and hearing signers here in the United States, such as spatial mapping, prosody, discourse structures, rhetorical analysis, involvement and interaction strategies, coherence and cohesion, and framing. Students will compare discourse features of American Sign Language and English, explore variation of communication styles dependent on the audience types, and develop an awareness of context and situation and describe their impact on discourse in American Sign Language. Students will enhance their use of American Sign Language through incorporation of these features. 3 hours lecture.

AMSL 302  American Sign Language Literature and Poetry 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): AMSL 201 and AMSL 202. This course focuses on American Sign Language literature and poetry by introducing students to ASL storytelling techniques, story analysis and the techniques used to develop ASL poetry. This course develops students' receptive skills through the use of DVDs/videotapes. Students are expected to experiment with ASL storytelling and poetry. American Sign Language cultural information is shared through readings, DVDs, and classroom discussions. 3 hours lecture.