African American Studies (AFAM)

AFAM 100  Introduction to Black Studies  (3 credits)

This course is designed: (1) to introduce and define the origins, relevance and scope of Black Studies and to discuss critically major challenges facing Black Studies; (2) to introduce and to delineate fundamental issues and areas for critical discussion in the discipline and the seven core areas of Black Studies (Black History, Black Religion, Black Social Organization, Black Politics, Black Economics, Black Creative Production, Black Psychology), as well as the emergence and development of Afrocentricity, Black Women's Studies, Multicultural Studies, and Classical African Studies; and (3) to raise provocative questions about the Black experience which cultivate the use of and an appreciation for inquiry and analysis as indispensable tools to an effective grasp and critical discussion of Black Studies.

AFAM 207  The Black Woman: An Introductory Course  (3 credits)

This interdisciplinary course examines the lived experiences and contributions of women of African descent through analysis of social context and a variety of theoretical perspectives. The myths and realities of Black women's experiences are explored chronologically and through literary contributions, social and political thought, and creative expression such as music and other media.