Advising (ADVS)

ADVS 198  Pathways to Success  (1 credit)

One-credit course that assists students who are in academic jeopardy in developing strategies and life-skills that will increase their academic and personal success. Through focused discussions and activities, students will identify their areas of strength and areas in need of development. Based on these discoveries, students will develop individualized action plans that map out their personal paths to improvement. Students in ADVS 198 will actively work to improve their academic standing by completing self-assessments, using Canvas and other forms of technology, and working with their instructor and academic coaches. Areas to be addressed on a macro level include: self-advocacy, resiliency, motivation, time management, decision making/problem solving, major affinity, and career development. Students will be required to connect with the campus and community resources as they execute their self-improvement plans and to engage in activities on Canvas. Credit not applicable toward graduation. An in-depth study of a selected topic, issue, problem or trend in accounting. The specific subject matter is not offered as an existing regular course or deserves more time-emphasis than is possible in a regular course.