World Languages and Cultures Requirement

NOTE: All GNHU courses have been changed to HUMN.  See the Humanities course page for courses and course descriptions.

This requirement consists of two parts, World Languages and World Cultures.

For the World Languages portion of this requirement, students wishing to continue a language with which they have some experience, either academic or personal, must take a placement test. If they place at the second semester level, they must take 6 credits (2 sequential courses) to fill the requirement. If they place at the third semester level or higher, they must take only 3 credits (one course) at the level at which they place, or a course in English about a foreign culture or civilization. Students wishing to begin a new language, with which they have no experience, must take 6 credits of that language.

Note: The first semester level course (101) of a language is meant for true beginners who have no experience with the language. Students with experience, either academic or personal, will be placed at the second semester level or higher. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the appropriate department chair.

Free Elective Policy for World Languages

Students who wish to take the language courses listed below as free electives must follow the placement policies stipulated under the Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Requirements (see online catalog links to World Languages and Cultures Requirement and to Language Placement Testing) and must meet the eligibility requirements indicated in the course descriptions. Students who have personal or academic experience with any of these languages must take the placement exam ( Students may not take these language courses out of sequence, nor may they take more than one of them in the same language simultaneously. This policy affects the following courses:

AMSL 101
AMSL 202
Beginning American Sign Language I
and Intermediate American Sign Language II
ARAB 101Beginning Arabic I3
ARAB 112Beginning Arabic II3
ARAB 121Intermediate Arabic I3
ARAB 132Intermediate Arabic II3
CHIN 101
CHIN 132
Beginning Chinese I
and Intermediate Chinese II
FREN 101
FREN 132
Beginning French I
and Intermediate French II
GERM 101Beginning German I3
GERM 102Beginning German II3
GERM 121Intermediate German I3
GERM 132Intermediate German II3
HEBR 101
HEBR 132
Beginning Hebrew I
and Intermediate Hebrew II
ITAL 101
ITAL 104
Italian I
and Italian IV
JAPN 101
JAPN 132
Beginning Japanese I
and Intermediate Japanese II
PORT 101
PORT 104
Elementary Portuguese I
and Portuguese IV
RUSS 101
RUSS 132
Beginning Russian I
and Spoken and Written Language Practice
SPAN 101
SPAN 104
Spanish I
and Spanish IV
SPAN 135Basic Spanish for Heritage Learners3

World Languages and Cultures Requirements

World Languages Requirement
Take two sequential courses from below (Students proficient to enter the third level need only take three credits of level 3 or 4)
American Sign Language
AMSL 101
AMSL 102
Beginning American Sign Language I
and Beginning American Sign Language II
ARAB 101
ARAB 112
Beginning Arabic I
and Beginning Arabic II
ARAB 112
ARAB 121
Beginning Arabic II
and Intermediate Arabic I
ARAB 121Intermediate Arabic I3
ARAB 132Intermediate Arabic II3
ARAB 203Advanced Arabic I3
ARAB 204Advanced Arabic II3
ARAB 203
ARAB 204
Advanced Arabic I
and Advanced Arabic II
ARAB 351Advanced Spoken Arabic3
CHIN 101
CHIN 112
Beginning Chinese I
and Beginning Chinese II
CHIN 112
CHIN 121
Beginning Chinese II
and Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 121Intermediate Chinese I3
CHIN 132Intermediate Chinese II3
CHIN 203Introduction to Chinese Culture3
FREN 101
FREN 112
Beginning French I
and Beginning French II
FREN 112
FREN 121
Beginning French II
and Intermediate French I
FREN 121Intermediate French I3
FREN 132Intermediate French II3
FREN 203Review of French of Grammar3
FREN 204French Stylistics and Composition3
FREN 203
FREN 204
Review of French of Grammar
and French Stylistics and Composition
GERM 101
GERM 102
Beginning German I
and Beginning German II
GERM 115Intensive Beginning German6
GERM 102
GERM 121
Beginning German II
and Intermediate German I
GERM 121Intermediate German I3
GERM 132Intermediate German II3
GERM 201Advanced German I3
GERM 202Advanced German II3
GERM 201
GERM 202
Advanced German I
and Advanced German II
GREK 101
GREK 102
Beginning Greek I
and Beginning Greek II
GREK 102
GREK 201
Beginning Greek II
and Intermediate Greek I
GREK 201Intermediate Greek I3
GREK 202Intermediate Greek II3
HEBR 101
HEBR 112
Beginning Hebrew I
and Beginning Hebrew II
HEBR 112
HEBR 121
Beginning Hebrew II
and Intermediate Hebrew I
HEBR 121Intermediate Hebrew I3
HEBR 132Intermediate Hebrew II3
HEBR 151Advanced Hebrew I3
HEBR 152Advanced Hebrew II3
HEBR 201Israeli-Hebrew Culture3
ITAL 101
ITAL 102
Italian I
and Italian II
ITAL 102
ITAL 103
Italian II
and Italian III
ITAL 103Italian III3
ITAL 104Italian IV3
ITAL 140Comprehensive Italian III and IV3
ITAL 242Italian Grammar and Composition I3
ITAL 243Italian Grammar and Composition II3
JAPN 101
JAPN 112
Beginning Japanese I
and Beginning Japanese II
JAPN 112
JAPN 121
Beginning Japanese II
and Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN 121Intermediate Japanese I3
JAPN 132Intermediate Japanese II3
JAPN 151Advanced Japanese I3
JAPN 152Advanced Japanese II3
LATN 101
LATN 102
Beginning Latin I
and Beginning Latin II
LATN 102
LATN 205
Beginning Latin II
and Intermediate Latin I
LATN 205Intermediate Latin I3
LATN 206Intermediate Latin II3
PORT 101
PORT 102
Elementary Portuguese I
and Elementary Portuguese II
PORT 102
PORT 103
Elementary Portuguese II
and Portuguese III
PORT 103Portuguese III3
PORT 104Portuguese IV3
RUSS 101
RUSS 102
Beginning Russian I
and Beginning Russian II
RUSS 102
RUSS 121
Beginning Russian II
and Intermediate and Heritage Russian
RUSS 121Intermediate and Heritage Russian3
RUSS 132Spoken and Written Language Practice3
RUSS 201Advanced Russian I3
RUSS 202Advanced Russian II3
RUSS 201
RUSS 202
Advanced Russian I
and Advanced Russian II
SPAN 101
SPAN 102
Spanish I
and Spanish II
SPAN 102
SPAN 103
Spanish II
and Spanish III
SPAN 102
SPAN 110
Spanish II
and Practical Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel
SPAN 103Spanish III3
SPAN 104Spanish IV3
SPAN 110Practical Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel3
SPAN 135Basic Spanish for Heritage Learners3
SPAN 236Intermediate Spanish Conversation3
SPAN 241Fundamentals of Spanish Grammar3
SPAN 242Spanish Composition and Stylistics3
SPAN 145Spanish Language Review Through Literature, Culture and Film3
For Students Whose 1st Language Is Not English
ESOL 172Academic Reading3
ESOL 173Academic Writing3
World Cultures Requirement
Some courses may also fulfill General Ed Requirements and/or Major Requirements.
Select one of the following:
ANTH 100Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 110Anthropology of Multicultural America3
ANTH 115Cultures of the Middle East3
ANTH 120Native North Americans3
ANTH 130Cultures of South Asia3
ANTH 140Non-Western Contributions to the Western World3
ANTH 145Human Variation3
ANTH 150Cultures of Latin America3
ANTH 160The Anthropology of Race3
ANTH 170Peoples of Africa3
ANTH 255Urban Anthropology3
ANTH 380Anthropology: Gender and Sexuality3
ARAB 193Introduction to Arab Culture3
ARHT 101Art in Non-Western Societies3
ARHT 191African-American Art3
ARHT 281African Art: Sub-Saharan3
ARIN 193Introduction to Arab Culture3
ARTX 201Culture and Appearance3
DNCE 145World Dance3
EAES 272Land and Life in Latin America3
EAES 281Introduction to American Urban Studies3
EAES 283Urban Georgraphy3
EAES 381Urban Field Studies3
ECON 215The Economics of Social Problems3
EDFD 264Gender Issues in Education3
ENGL 237Black Women Writers: US3
ENGL 238Black Writers in the United States: A Survey3
ENGL 274Contemporary U.S. Literature of Immigration3
ENGL 294Women Poets3
ENLT 366African Myth and Literature3
ENLT 367Contemporary African Literature3
FSHD 205Women in Contemporary Society3
FSHD 418Working with Diverse Families and Children3
FSHD 445Poverty and Families3
FREN 283Introduction to Women Authors of French-Speaking Africa3
FREN 289Francophone Film3
FRIN 283Introduction to Women Authors of French-Speaking Africa3
FRIN 289Francophone Film3
GNHU 217Reading Asian Cultures3
GNHU 289Francophone Film3
GNHU 381Africa in Classical Antiquity3
GNHU 383Women in Antiquity3
GSWS 102Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
GSWS 200Transnational Feminisms3
GSWS 481The Legal Rights of Women3
HIST 108Introduction to African Civilization3
HIST 109Introduction to Islamic Civilization3
HIST 114Early Latin America3
HIST 115History of Puerto Rico3
HIST 131Introduction to Indian Civilization3
HIST 132Introduction to Chinese Civilization3
HIST 133Modern Chinese Civilization3
HIST 138Introduction to Modern South Asia3
HIST 205Minorities in American History3
HIST 215Women in American History3
HIST 217History of Black Americans3
HOSP 435Managing Diversity in the Hospitality Industry3
JAST 201Introduction to Jewish American Studies3
LALS 201Perspectives on Latin America3
LALS 205Image and Identity: Representation of Latin American Women in Film and Fiction3
LAWS 220Conflict and Its Resolution3
LNGN 255Language and Gender3
MGMT 332Diversity In Business3
MUGN 109Introduction to Jazz3
MUGN 120Rap and Rock as Cultural Phenomena3
MUGN 150Influence of Afro-American Culture on Music3
MUGN 309The Art of Jazz3
NUFD 153Dynamics of Food and Society3
PHIL 237Asian Philosophy3
POLS 204Government and Politics of Africa3
POLS 206Government and Politics of China and Japan3
POLS 214Women in Politics3
POLS 215Ethnic Politics in America3
POLS 312Black Politics in America3
POLS 340Government and Politics of India and South Asia3
POLS 341Government and Politics of Latin America3
PSYC 231Psychology of Aggression3
PSYC 245Hispanic/Latino Psychology3
PSYC 246Psychology of the Black Experience3
PSYC 265Psychology of Women3
RELG 213Buddhism3
RELG 240Asian Religions3
RELG 250African Religions3
RELG 252Africana Religions in the Americas3
RELG 254Native American Religion3
RELG 267Women and Religion3
RUIN 297Women in Russian Literature3
SASE 412Field Work in Urban Education1-3
SASE 423Teaching in Urban Schools3
SOCI 102Racial and Ethnic Relations3
SOCI 105Black Family3
SOCI 311Urban Sociology3
SOCI 315Social Inequality3
SOCI 430Sociology of Gender3
SPAN 376Cultural Studies: Latin America and the Caribbean3
SPAN 472Puerto Rican Literature and Thought3
SPIN 161Magic Realism in Spanish American Literature3
THTR 265The Contemporary Theatre of Cultural Diversity3
THTR 280The Power of Masks3