Visual Arts Major, School and Community Settings Concentration (B.A.)

Program Overview

This concentration is designed for art students who would like to prepare to teach in public-service organizations such as museums or community organizations that don’t require state certification. The degree does not issue licenses, registrations or certifications when the program is completed. You may elect pre-professional study in one or more clusters including Art Therapy, Museums & Galleries and/or School and Community Settings. The program is based within the Department of Art and Design. For further information, go to: Visual Arts – Art Education Concentration (BA).

Program Requirements

Students must complete 42 credits of General Education requirements and 3-9 credits of World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Visual Arts Requirements
Core Requirements
ARDW 200Drawing, Beginning I3
ARFD 122Foundations II: 2D Design3
ARFD 123Foundations III: Visual Organization - 3D Design3
ARFD 125Foundations V: Color, Light and Time3
ARHT 105Art in Western Civilization: Ancient Through Medieval3
ARHT 106Art in Western Civilization: Renaissance through Modern3
Visual Arts Required Courses
ARCE 200Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Beginning I3
ARED 301Foundations of Methods and Curriculum in Art Education I: P-123
ARGD 200Graphic Design, Beginning I3
or ARGD 211 Fundamentals of Adobe Creative Suite - Mac
ARHT 101Art in Non-Western Societies3
ARHT 470Contemporary Art3
ARMJ 200Metalwork and Jewelry, Beginning I3
ARPA 200Painting, Beginning I3
ARPH 200Photography Beginning I: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPM 200Printmaking, Beginning I3
ARSC 200Sculpture, Beginning I3
Studio Requirement
Select one of the following studio options:9
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Beginning II
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Intermediate
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Advanced
Drawing, Beginning II
Drawing, Intermediate
Drawing, Advanced
Graphic Design
Graphic Design, Beginning II
Graphic Design, Intermediate
Select one of the following:
Graphic Design, Advanced I
Advertising Design
Publication Design
Package Design
Metalwork and Jewelry, Beginning II
Metalwork and Jewelry, Intermediate
Metalwork and Jewelry, Advanced
Painting, Beginning II
Painting, Intermediate
Painting, Advanced
Photography Beginning II: Contemporary Art Form
Photography Intermediate: Contemporary Art Form
Photography Advanced: Contemporary Art Form
Printmaking, Beginning II
Printmaking, Intermediate
Printmaking, Advanced
Sculpture, Beginning II
Sculpture, Intermediate
Sculpture, Advanced
Select one course from the list (see below)3
School and Community Settings Requirements
Select one of the following options:15-18
Select two of the following clusters:
Art Therapy Cluster
Introduction to Art Therapy
Studio Techniques in Art Therapy
Group Art Therapy
Museums and Galleries Cluster
Exhibition Workshop I
Museum Practice
Externship in Museum Studies
Community-School Settings Cluster
Art in the Community
Urban Arts Program Planning
Designing Learning Environment
Child Advocacy Certificate Requirements
Complete courses with minimum GPA of 2.00
Introduction to Child Advocacy
Child Abuse and Neglect
Children and Justice
Forensic Interviewing of Children
Current Social Issues in Child Advocacy
Recommended Minor
As recommended by department advisor
General Electives for Major
Select 3-6 credits of the following:3-6
Multi-Media, Beginning
Art Forum
Independent Study
Multi-Media, Advanced
Critique in Art
Externship in Studio
Independent Study: Multi-Media
Art And Technology
Field Trip in Studio
The Human Environment
Introduction to American Urban Studies
Economics of Fine and Performing Arts
Social Gerontology: The Study of Aging
Minorities in American History
Perspectives on Justice Studies I
Family Violence
Environmental Justice
Women and Prison
Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
Prisons and Punishment
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Introduction to Marketing
Event Marketing and Planning
Service and Nonprofit Marketing
Introduction to Public Administration
Urban Administration
Introduction to Psychology
Hispanic/Latino Psychology
The Sociological Perspective
Black Family
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
Total Credits81


ARCE 300Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Intermediate3
ARCE 400Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Advanced3
ARCE 450Independent Study in Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture3
ARDW 300Drawing, Intermediate3
ARDW 301Life Drawing, Intermediate3
ARDW 400Drawing, Advanced3
ARDW 401Life Drawing, Advanced3
ARDW 450Independent Study in Drawing3
ARDW 451Independent Study in Life Drawing3
ARFI 300Fibers and Fabrics, Intermediate3
ARFI 301Textile Design, Advanced3
ARFI 322Surface Design, Intermediate3
ARFI 323Leather, Intermediate3
ARFI 400Fibers and Fabrics, Advanced3
ARFI 422Surface Design, Advanced3
ARFI 423Leather, Advanced3
ARFI 451Independent Study in Textiles3
ARFI 460Fiber Sources Field Trips3
ARFI 461Applied Textile Design3
ARGD 300Graphic Design, Intermediate3
ARGD 400Graphic Design, Advanced I3
ARGD 410Interactive Multimedia Design3
ARGD 421Typography II3
ARGD 422Advanced Computer Graphics3
ARGD 423Advertising Design3
ARGD 424Publication Design3
ARGD 425Web Page Design3
ARGD 434Package Design3
ARGD 435Graphic Design Co-Op Work Exp4
ARGD 460Graphic Design, Advanced II3
ARGS 350Independent Study1-6
ARGS 361Multi-Media, Advanced3
ARGS 400Senior Seminar: Current Art Issues3
ARGS 440Critique in Art1
ARGS 441Externship in Studio2-8
ARGS 451Independent Study: Multi-Media4
ARGS 462Art And Technology3
ARGS 480Field Trip in Studio2-8
ARID 302Industrial Design Intermediate3
ARID 303Industrial Design Advanced3
ARID 360Professional Practices in Industrial Design3
ARID 380Metal Casting Technology3
ARIL 221Intro 3D Computer Illustration and Animation Arts: Modeling3
ARIL 318Animation Production3
ARIL 320Illustration III, Art of the Visual Narrative3
ARIL 321Intermediate 3D Computer Illustration and Animation Arts: Animation3
ARIL 322Animation for the Internet and Mobile Media3
ARIL 360Intermediate 3D II - Motion, Lighting and Texture Mapping3
ARIL 361Animation: Broadcast Graphics3
ARIL 421Advanced 3-D Computer Illustration and Animation Arts3
ARMJ 300Metalwork and Jewelry, Intermediate3
ARMJ 400Metalwork and Jewelry, Advanced3
ARMJ 450Independent Study in Metalwork and Jewelry3
ARPA 300Painting, Intermediate3
ARPA 400Painting, Advanced3
ARPA 450Independent Study in Painting3
ARPA 461Painting the Environment3
ARPG 360Intermediate Papermaking3
ARPG 460Advanced Papermaking3
ARPH 300Photography Intermediate: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPH 361Special Process in Photography4
ARPH 400Photography Advanced: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPH 451Independent Study in Photography: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPH 462The Color Print, A Contemporary Aesthetic Approach4
ARPH 463Commercial Photography4
ARPM 300Printmaking, Intermediate3
ARPM 400Printmaking, Advanced3
ARPM 450Independent Study in Printmaking3
ARSC 300Sculpture, Intermediate3
ARSC 320Sculpture: Fabrication Intermediate3
ARSC 321Sculpture: Clay, Intermediate3
ARSC 322Sculpture: Metal Casting, Intermediate3
ARSC 323Sculpture: Welding/Brazing, Intermediate3
ARSC 324Sculpture: Carving Intermediate3
ARSC 325Metals: Intermediate3
ARSC 326Sculpture: Modeling/Casting Intermediate3
ARSC 400Sculpture, Advanced3
ARSC 420Sculpture: Fabrication, Advanced3
ARSC 421Sculpture: Clay, Advanced3
ARSC 422Sculpture: Metal Casting, Advanced3
ARSC 423Sculpture: Welding/Brazing, Advanced3
ARSC 424Sculpture: Carving, Advanced3
ARSC 425Metals: Advanced3
ARSC 426Sculpture: Modeling/Casting, Advanced3
ARSC 450Independent Study: Sculpture3