Teaching, with Teacher Certification in Social Studies (Preschool-Grade 12) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities (M.A.T.)

Program Requirements

Additional Requirements for State Certification
CMST 101Fundamentals of Speech: Communication Requirement3
Physiology and Hygiene
Pass the MSU Health Knowledge Test available through the Center of Pedagogy or have the Undergraduate equivalent course approved by advisor
Additional Requirement
Select one of the following:3
Learning Theories
Child Development II: Adolescence
Advanced Educational Psychology
Program Requirements
Required Courses
SASE 680Selected Topics in Curriculum and Teaching1
SASE 509Sociocultural Perspectives on Curriculum and Assessment3
SPED 579Special Education for Students with Disabilities3
SPED 586Educational Planning for Adolescents with Disabilities3
SPED 566Creating Curricular Access for Adolescents with Disabilities3
SPED 568Teaching Methods for Inclusive Education3
SPED 588Positive Behavior Supports for Diverse Learners3
Graduate Professional Sequence I
SASE 526Seminar in Inclusive Pedagogy3
SASE 527Clinical Practice I3
SPED 584Assessment in Special Education and Classroom Practice3
Graduate Professional Sequence II
SASE 543Advanced Seminar in Inclusive Pedagogy3
SASE 529Clinical Practice II6
SPED 680Selected Topics in Special Education1
Comprehensive Exam
In the term that you will sit for exam, register for the section which matched your major & advisor. Successfully pass exam.
GRAD CMPComprehensive Examination0
Total Credits44

Teaching Field Requirements

Select one of the background areas based on undergraduate background (see "Background Areas" tab)48
Teaching Methods
SOSC 501Graduate Methods of Teaching Social Studies3
Graduate Level Content Area Courses
Select one of the following:3
New Interpretations in History
History and New Social Studies
Seminar in American Colonial History
American Revolution 1763-1787
Problems-New Nation 1789-1828
The Crisis of American Nationalism, 1828-1876
Culture and Consciousness: Women in Nineteenth Century America
Age of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Urban History: National Trends in New Jersey Cities
America Since 1945
Civil War and Revolution in Chinese History, 1911-1949
Revolutionary Russia 1905-1921
History of Soviet Diplomacy
History of American Business Leaders
History of American Labor 1870-1970
The Industrialization of America, 1865-1900
Europe of the Dictators, 1919-1939
Modernization in Japanese Cultural History
French Revolution and Napoleon
Castle, Cathedral and Crusade: Europe in the High Middle Ages, 1000-1300
Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800
Nineteenth Century European Intellectual History
Europe as a World Civilization
Asian Civilization-Comparative Cultural History
African Identities: Gender, Ethnicity, and Nation
Seminar in Non-Western History
Seminar in Western History
Total Credits54


Undergraduate History
Select 36 credits of undergraduate history courses36
Select 12 credits from at least three Social Science disciplines12
Total Credits48


Undergraduate Anthropology
Select 36 credits of undergraduate ANTH courses36
Select 12 credits of undergraduate HIST courses12
Total Credits48


Undergraduate Economics
Select 36 credits of undergraduate ECON courses36
Select 12 credits of undergraduate HIST courses12
Total Credits48


Undergraduate Geography
Select 36 credits of undergraduate EAES courses36
Select 12 credits of undergraduate HIST courses12
Total Credits48

Political Science

Undergraduate Political Science
Select 36 credits of undergraduate POLS courses36
Select 12 credits of undergraduate HIST courses12
Total Credits48


Undergraduate Psychology
Select 36 credits of undergraduate PSYC courses36
Select 12 credits of undergraduate HIST courses12
Total Credits48


Undergraduate Sociology
Select 36 credits of undergraduate SOCI courses36
Select 12 credits of undergraduate HIST courses12
Total Credits48

History Courses

HIST 100The Study of History3
HIST 101Connections: Years That Made History3
HIST 103Foundations of Western Civilization3
HIST 105Emergence of European Civilization, 1500-19143
HIST 106Contemporary Europe, 1914 to the Present3
HIST 108Introduction to African Civilization3
HIST 109Introduction to Islamic Civilization3
HIST 110Introduction to American Civilization3
HIST 111Contemporary American Issues in Historical Perspective3
HIST 112Introduction to the Modern Middle East3
HIST 114Early Latin America3
HIST 115History of Puerto Rico3
HIST 116Modern Latin America3
HIST 117History of the United States to 18763
HIST 118History of the United States Since 18763
HIST 128Pre-Modern Japan: A History of Japan to the Meiji Restoration3
HIST 129Modern Japan: A History of Japan From the Meiji Through the Showa3
HIST 131Introduction to Indian Civilization3
HIST 132Introduction to Chinese Civilization3
HIST 133Modern Chinese Civilization3
HIST 138Introduction to Modern South Asia3
HIST 141Foundations of Global Civilization3
HIST 204The Second World War3
HIST 205Minorities in American History3
HIST 212Social History of the United States3
HIST 213Economic History of the United States3
HIST 214Diplomatic History of the United States3
HIST 215Women in American History3
HIST 216Italian American History and Culture3
HIST 217History of Black Americans3
HIST 218Political History of the United States3
HIST 219Sport in History3
HIST 221Europe's Conquest of the Americas, 1415-17633
HIST 222Economic History of Europe3
HIST 223Communist Revolution in China3
HIST 231New Jersey: Past and Present3
HIST 250Selected Content3
HIST 281Greek Civilization3
HIST 282Roman Civilization3
HIST 299History Study Abroad1-3
HIST 300Research Seminar3
HIST 309Feminist Ideas in Western Thought3
HIST 310Immigrant in American History3
HIST 311Early History of New Jersey 1702-893
HIST 312Historical Geography of the United States3
HIST 313Biography in American History3
HIST 314Women and Migration3
HIST 315War in History3
HIST 319American Urban History to 18803
HIST 320American Urban History Since 18803
HIST 321History of the American Worker Since 18773
HIST 322Medieval European Civilization 450-13503
HIST 323History of Russia to 19173
HIST 324Russia Since 19173
HIST 326Modern German History3
HIST 327History of France Since 17893
HIST 328Conflict in Modern Ireland3
HIST 329History of England to 17143
HIST 330Chinese Social History Through Literature3
HIST 331History of England 1714-19143
HIST 333History of Brazil3
HIST 334Women in the Muslim World: A History of Representations3
HIST 339Seminar in Latin American History3
HIST 400Senior Seminar in History3
HIST 401Kingdoms in the Sun:Sicily and Southern Italy in Antiquity and the Middle Ages3
HIST 406History of American Business3
HIST 408Independent Study European History3
HIST 409Independent Study Non-Western History3
HIST 410Independent Study in American History3
HIST 411Intellectual History of the United States3
HIST 413The Philosophy of History3
HIST 415European Social History3
HIST 416Church and State in Latin America3
HIST 419Age of Renaissance, 1350-15173
HIST 420The Reformation Era, 1500-16503
HIST 422Studies in Enlightenment History3
HIST 424Diplomatic History of Europe3
HIST 426The Nazi Third Reich3
HIST 427The Holocaust, 1939-19453
HIST 430Revolutions in Latin American History3
HIST 431Development of Indian Character and Culture3
HIST 432Development of Japanese Character and Culture3
HIST 433American Colonial History 1607-17633
HIST 434American Revolution and Early Republic, 1763-18283
HIST 435The Union in Crisis 1820-18773
HIST 436America in the Gilded Age3
HIST 437American Society in the 20th Century3
HIST 438America in the Sixties: The Crisis of Consensus Liberalism3
HIST 443Internship in History3
HIST 460Independent Transcultural Study3
HIST 499Selected Topics1-3

Anthropology Courses

ANTH 100Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 101Physical Anthropology4
ANTH 102Linguistic Anthropology3
ANTH 103Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH 105Introduction to Disability Studies, Rights, and Culture3
ANTH 110Anthropology of Multicultural America3
ANTH 115Cultures of the Middle East3
ANTH 120Native North Americans3
ANTH 125Anthropology of Globalization3
ANTH 130Cultures of South Asia3
ANTH 135Anthropology of Conflict and Violence3
ANTH 140Non-Western Contributions to the Western World3
ANTH 145Human Variation3
ANTH 150Cultures of Latin America3
ANTH 255Urban Anthropology3
ANTH 160The Anthropology of Race3
ANTH 170Peoples of Africa3
ANTH 180Health and Healing in Cross Cultural Perspective3
ANTH 290Historical Archaeology3
ANTH 195Cultures of Central Asia3
ANTH 200Key Issues in Anthropology3
ANTH 201Applied Anthropology3
ANTH 205Disability in US Popular Culture3
ANTH 220American Folk Culture3
ANTH 270Archaeology of Ancient Middle America3
ANTH 301Methods in Anthropological Research and Practice3
ANTH 310Immigration: An Anthropological Perspective3
ANTH 312Peasant Culture3
ANTH 320Caribbean Archaeology3
ANTH 330The Anthropology of Food and Nutrition3
ANTH 340The Anthropology of Work3
ANTH 350Anthropology of Aging and the Aged3
ANTH 360Environmental Anthropology3
ANTH 370Experimental Archaeology3
ANTH 380Anthropology: Gender and Sexuality3
ANTH 390Anthropology of Childhood and Youth3
ANTH 401Seminar in Anthropological Theory3
ANTH 405Psychological Anthropology3
ANTH 410Archaeology in Montclair3
ANTH 414Selected Issues in Anthropology3-6
ANTH 421Communities in Transition3-4
ANTH 422Environment and Community3-4
ANTH 423Community and Health3-4
ANTH 425Anthropology of Religion3
ANTH 429Building Sustainable Communities3-4
ANTH 430Field Methods: Linguistics3
ANTH 432Development of Japanese Character and Culture3
ANTH 440Medical Anthropology3
ANTH 460Field Methods: Visual Anthropology3
ANTH 470Archaeological Field Methods1-6
ANTH 480Independent Research in Anthropology3-6
ANTH 490Internship in Anthropology3-6
ANTH 510Ethnology3
ANTH 520Anthropology and International Communication3
ANTH 521Communities in Transition3-4
ANTH 522Environment and Community3-4
ANTH 523Community and Health3-4
ANTH 529Building Sustainable Communities3-4
ANTH 530Development Anthropology3
ANTH 536Cultural Diversity3
ANTH 538Ethnopsychology3
ANTH 540Anthropology of Cities3
ANTH 542Contract Archaeology3
ANTH 547Woman: A Cross-Cultural Perspective3
ANTH 555Anthropology of Institutional Life3
ANTH 565Social Anthropology and History3
ANTH 570Prehistoric North America3

Economics Courses

ECON 100Introduction to Economics3
ECON 101Applied Macroeconomics3
ECON 102Applied Microeconomics3
ECON 202Economics and Finance for Business Minors3
ECON 203Economic Statistics3
ECON 204Real Estate Principles and Practice3
ECON 205Collective Bargaining: Theory and Practice3
ECON 206Managerial Economics3
ECON 207Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis3
ECON 208Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis3
ECON 213Economic History of the United States3
ECON 215The Economics of Social Problems3
ECON 221Economics of Professional Sports3
ECON 222Economic History of Europe3
ECON 223Economics of Fine and Performing Arts3
ECON 224Financial Economics3
ECON 250Selected Topics in Economics3
ECON 300World Resources and Industries3
ECON 301Money and Banking3
ECON 303Economic Growth and Development3
ECON 304Public Policies Toward Business3
ECON 305Commercial Real Estate Analysis3
ECON 308Public Finance3
ECON 310Urban and Regional Economics3
ECON 311Labor Economics3
ECON 312Business Cycles and Forecasting3
ECON 314Development of Economic Thought3
ECON 317Elementary Mathematical Techniques for Economics3
ECON 320Latin American Environments and Economies in a Global Framework3
ECON 370International Economics3
ECON 398Economics Independent Study3
ECON 401Financial Institutions3
ECON 403Comparative Economic Systems3
ECON 404Interdependence in the Global Economy3
ECON 405Economic Development of Sub-Saharan Africa3
ECON 407Economics of Industrial Organization3
ECON 408Strategic Thinking and Game Theory3
ECON 409Economics of National Security3
ECON 410Computer Applications in Economics and Finance3
ECON 414Economics of Natural Resources and Global Warming3
ECON 419Economics Of Energy And Environmental Policy3
ECON 420Applied Econometrics3
ECON 430International Macroeconomic Policy3
ECON 438Advanced Seminar in Economics3
ECON 439Advanced Seminar in Economics: Honors I3
ECON 440Advanced Seminar in Economics: Honors II3
ECON 461Seminar in International Economic Geography3
ECON 490Real Estate Internship3
ECON 497Economics Independent Study3
ECON 501Economic Analysis3
ECON 505Aggregate Economics3
ECON 510Urban Economics: Problems and Policy3
ECON 521Applied Econometrics3
ECON 530Microeconomics for Managers1.5
ECON 531Macroeconomics for Managers1.5
ECON 541Foundations of Contemporary Economic Thought3
ECON 544Government and Business3
ECON 560Economics Internship3
ECON 561Internship Treatise3
ECON 562Macroeconomics Analysis and Public Policy1.5
ECON 563Managerial Economics1.5
ECON 571Globalization and the Developing World1.5
ECON 575Independent Study in Economics1-3
ECON 577Selected Topics in Economics1-3
ECON 590Reading Seminar in Applied Economics3

Geography Courses

EAES 100Principles of Geography3
EAES 101Planet Earth4
EAES 102Principles of Geology3
EAES 103Earth in Space and Time3
EAES 104Natural Disasters3
EAES 105Physical Geology4
EAES 106The National Parks and their Geology3
EAES 107Earth and the Environment4
EAES 109Freshman Seminar in Geoscience and Geography1
EAES 120The Study of Gems3
EAES 140Dinosaurs, Their Life and Times3
EAES 150General Oceanography3
EAES 160The Human Environment3
EAES 161Human Geography3
EAES 170World Geography3
EAES 200Geomorphology3
EAES 201Understanding Weather and Climate4
EAES 202Introduction to Sustainability Science3
EAES 204Geology Field Trip1
EAES 210Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing3
EAES 211Aerial Photograph Interpretation3
EAES 212Map Reading and Cartography4
EAES 220Mineralogy4
EAES 230Hydrology3
EAES 240Historical Geology4
EAES 250Introduction to Marine Sciences4
EAES 260Energy, Environment and Society3
EAES 261Conservation of Natural Resources3
EAES 262Our Finite Earth: Population and Resources3
EAES 263Noise Pollution: Contemporary Problems and Issues3
EAES 264The Geography of Life and Death3
EAES 270Geography of North America3
EAES 271Geography of East and Southeast Asia3
EAES 272Land and Life in Latin America3
EAES 273New Jersey Environment: Problems and Issues3
EAES 280Principles of Land Use3
EAES 281Introduction to American Urban Studies3
EAES 282Urban Design and Architecture: American Cityscape3
EAES 283Urban Georgraphy3
EAES 300Energy Transitions: A Global Dependence3
EAES 301Climatology3
EAES 302Structural Geology3
EAES 303Field Geography3
EAES 310Geographic Information Systems (GIS)3
EAES 311Fundamentals of Remote Sensing of Environment3
EAES 320Igneous Metamorphic Petrology4
EAES 321Economic Geology3
EAES 322Environmental Geochemistry3
EAES 330Fluvial Geography3
EAES 331Geohydrology3
EAES 332Hydroclimatology3
EAES 340Sedimentology4
EAES 341Principles of Soil Science3
EAES 342Invertebrate Paleobiology4
EAES 343Geoarchaeology3
EAES 350Oceanography3
EAES 360Contemporary Problems in Conservation of Natural Resources3
EAES 361Environmental Policy3
EAES 362Environmental Gerontology3
EAES 363Geopolitics3
EAES 370World Resources and Industries3
EAES 371Geography of Europe3
EAES 372Geography of South Asia3
EAES 373Historical Geography of the United States3
EAES 374Latin American Environments and Economies in a Global Framework3
EAES 375Culture in Transition in India: An Anthropo-Geographical Approach3
EAES 376Geography of New Jersey3
EAES 377Geography of Sub-Sahara Africa3
EAES 378Geography of the Middle East3
EAES 379Geography: The Former Soviet Union3
EAES 380Transportation3
EAES 381Urban Field Studies3
EAES 382Geography of Manufacturing3
EAES 383Location of Economic Activity3
EAES 384Managing the Urban Environment3
EAES 385Urbanization and Environment3
EAES 386People and Cities: Comparative Urban Studies3
EAES 390Research Methods3
EAES 391Quantitative Methods in Geography and Urban Studies3
EAES 401Geo-Ecology3
EAES 402Sustainability Science Seminar3
EAES 403Meteorology4
EAES 404Field Geology6
EAES 410Advanced Topics in GIScience3
EAES 412Computer Mapping3
EAES 419Senior Seminar in Geographic Information Science3
EAES 427Organic Geochemistry3
EAES 441Stratigraphy4
EAES 443Geology of the Vertebrates4
EAES 451Coastal Marine Geology4
EAES 452Dynamic Beach Processes2
EAES 453Tidal Marsh Sedimentations2
EAES 454Human Impact on the Coastal Zone4
EAES 455Field Methods in Oceanography2
EAES 456Physical Oceanography4
EAES 458Marine Science Education2
EAES 459Independent Study in the Marine Sciences1-4
EAES 460Environmental Law3
EAES 462Population Problems of the World3
EAES 463Culture and Resource Utilization3
EAES 470The Geology of New Jersey3
EAES 471Urban Studies: London and the British New Towns Movement3
EAES 475Environmental Economics3
EAES 476Seminar in International Economic Geography3
EAES 480Urbanization in World Perspective3
EAES 481Problems in Urban Geography3
EAES 482Real Estate Principles3
EAES 483Advanced Real Estate3
EAES 484Urban Planning3
EAES 486Village to Metropolis: Urbanization in Latin America3
EAES 487Senior Seminar in Urban Study (Urban Studies Internship)3
EAES 490Independent Study in Geography1-4
EAES 491Internship3-12
EAES 492Honors Research3
EAES 494Independent Study in Geoscience1-4
EAES 495Readings in Earth Environmental Studies3
EAES 496Pro-Seminar in Earth and Environmental Studies3
EAES 497Senior Seminar Geography3
EAES 498Seminar in Geoscience2
EAES 499Sel Topics in Earth Environmental Studies: Glacial Deposits, Climate Archive Resource Potential1-4
EAES 500Energy Transitions: A Global Dependence3
EAES 501Environmental Studies Physical3
EAES 502The Dynamic Earth4
EAES 503Advanced Physical Geology4
EAES 504Landscapes in Transition3
EAES 505Environmental Geoscience3
EAES 507Tectonics3
EAES 508Field Geology4
EAES 509Current Issues in Sustainability Science3
EAES 510Geographic Information Systems3
EAES 511Fundamentals of Remote Sensing of the Environment3
EAES 520Advanced Mineralogy3
EAES 521Optical Mineralogy4
EAES 522Igneous Metamorphic Petrology4
EAES 523Sedimentary Petrography4
EAES 524Igneous and Metamorphic Geology4
EAES 525X-ray Microanalysis3
EAES 526Geochemistry3
EAES 527Organic Geochemistry3
EAES 528Environmental Forensics3
EAES 529Instrumental Environmental Analysis3
EAES 531Hydroclimatology3
EAES 532Applied Groundwater Modeling4
EAES 533Water Resource Management3
EAES 535Geophysics3
EAES 540Advanced Historical Geology3
EAES 541Stratigraphy4
EAES 542Advanced Invertebrate Paleobiology4
EAES 543Vertebrate Paleobiology3
EAES 544Sedimentology4
EAES 545Paleoecology3
EAES 546Micropaleobiology4
EAES 547Paleobotany3
EAES 548Biostratigraphy of New Jersey3
EAES 550Advanced Marine Geology3
EAES 551Coastal Geomorphology4
EAES 559Special Problems in the Marine Sciences1-4
EAES 560Environmental Law3
EAES 561Environmental Law and Policy3
EAES 562Waste Management3
EAES 563Natural Resource Management3
EAES 564Environmental Education3
EAES 565Environmental Change and Communication3
EAES 566Environmental Problem Solving3
EAES 567Human Environment3
EAES 568Environmental Studies-Social/Behavior3
EAES 569Air Resource Management3
EAES 570Culture Regions3
EAES 575Environmental Economics3
EAES 580Problems in Economic Geography3
EAES 581Urban Systems Analysis3
EAES 582Urban and Regional Planning3
EAES 583Transportation Analysis and Planning3
EAES 584Urban Studies and Policy Analysis3
EAES 585The Metropolitan Economy3
EAES 586Urban Contamination3
EAES 590Independent Study in Environmental Studies1-4
EAES 591Methods in Environmental Research3
EAES 592Pro Seminar1-4
EAES 593Research Seminar3
EAES 594Research in Geoscience Literature1
EAES 599Special Problems in Earth and Environmental Studies1-4

Political Science Courses

POLS 100Introduction to Politics3
POLS 101American Government and Politics3
POLS 199Freshman Seminar in Political Science and Law1
POLS 201Comparative Politics3
POLS 202International Relations3
POLS 203International Organizations3
POLS 204Government and Politics of Africa3
POLS 205Introduction to Public Administration3
POLS 206Government and Politics of China and Japan3
POLS 207American Foreign Policy3
POLS 214Women in Politics3
POLS 215Ethnic Politics in America3
POLS 216Urban Politics3
POLS 300Essentials of Political Thought3
POLS 301American Party System3
POLS 302Public Opinion and Pressure Groups3
POLS 303Politics of Development and Modernization3
POLS 304State and Local Government3
POLS 306Campaign Politics3
POLS 307American Political Thought3
POLS 310Public Personnel Administration3
POLS 311Governmental Budgeting3
POLS 312Black Politics in America3
POLS 313The Internet, Politics Public Policy3
POLS 314Seminar in Campaign Politics3
POLS 315Urban Administration3
POLS 317The American Congress3
POLS 318The American Presidency3
POLS 319Politics and Film3
POLS 320Law in Society: Civil Law3
POLS 321Law in Society: Criminal Law3
POLS 322American Constitutional Law: The Federal System3
POLS 323American Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties3
POLS 324American Public Policy3
POLS 327Food and Politics3
POLS 329Narco-Terrorism3
POLS 331Animal Rights: Law, Politics and Culture3
POLS 332U.S. Immigration: Law and Politics3
POLS 333Topics in Political Thought3
POLS 334Politics of Science Fiction3
POLS 335Theories of Political Economy3
POLS 339Contemporary Western European Politics3
POLS 340Government and Politics of India and South Asia3
POLS 341Government and Politics of Latin America3
POLS 342Government and Politics of the Middle East3
POLS 343Government and Politics in the Post-Soviet States3
POLS 344Government and Politics in the East European States3
POLS 351Comparative Legal Perspectives: Israel and the United States3
POLS 353Intelligence and National Security3
POLS 362International Relations in Asia3
POLS 363Politics and Morality of War3
POLS 364War and International Security3
POLS 365Global Environmental Politics3
POLS 410Directed Study3-6
POLS 416Selected Topics in Political Science3
POLS 420Seminar and Internship in Political Science4
POLS 425Politics of Federal Bureaucracy3
POLS 426Seminar and Internship in Public Administration I4-6
POLS 427Seminar and Internship in Public Administration II4-6
POLS 429Polling in the U.S3
POLS 430International Law3
POLS 431Globalization and Security3
POLS 436Political Science Washington, D.C., Internship1-7
POLS 497Honors Seminar-Political Science3
POLS 502Modern Political Analysis3
POLS 521History of Political Thought3
POLS 523Politics of Developing Areas3
POLS 524The Third World in the International System3
POLS 525International Relations3
POLS 526The International Political Economy3
POLS 531Globalization and Security3
POLS 532U.S.Immigration: Law and Politics3
POLS 551Contemporary Constitutional Law3
POLS 554Seminar in American Political Thought3
POLS 560Politics of Terrorism3

Psychology Courses

PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
PSYC 103Freshman Seminar3
PSYC 109The Human Environment3
PSYC 120Psychology of Leadership for Emerging Leaders: Theory and Application3
PSYC 200Educational Psychology3
PSYC 201Child Psychology3
PSYC 202Adolescent Psychology3
PSYC 203Introduction to Psychological Research3
PSYC 220Introduction to Statistical Methods in Psychology4
PSYC 224Children's Rights and Child Advocacy3
PSYC 225Psychology of Adjustment3
PSYC 227Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality3
PSYC 230Environmental Psychology3
PSYC 231Psychology of Aggression3
PSYC 235Psychology of Exceptional Children and Youth3
PSYC 245Hispanic/Latino Psychology3
PSYC 246Psychology of the Black Experience3
PSYC 248Psychology and Law3
PSYC 265Psychology of Women3
PSYC 268Psychological Aspects of Aging3
PSYC 288Introduction to Cognitive Science3
PSYC 294Psychology of Leadership: Theory and Application3
PSYC 300The Teaching of Psychology3
PSYC 301Experimental Psychology4
PSYC 302Health Psychology3
PSYC 303Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 304Social Psychology3
PSYC 305Physiological Psychology3
PSYC 306Psychology Of Work: Personnel Psychology3
PSYC 307Psychology 0f Work: Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 308Perception3
PSYC 310Introduction to Psychological Testing3
PSYC 313Cognition3
PSYC 314Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making3
PSYC 320Developmental Psychology I3
PSYC 324Contemporary Issues in Child Advocacy3
PSYC 330Forensic Psychology3
PSYC 332Psychological Foundations of Personality3
PSYC 340Human Learning and Memory3
PSYC 348Psycholinguistics3
PSYC 353Comparative Animal Behavior3
PSYC 354Clinical Psychology3
PSYC 355Motivation3
PSYC 358Fundamentals of Conditioning and Learning3
PSYC 360History and Systems of Psychology3
PSYC 365Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 366Health Psychology: Applications to the Community3
PSYC 375Evolutionary Psychology3
PSYC 402Systems of Psychotherapy3
PSYC 405Psychological Anthropology3
PSYC 420Packaged Computer Programs for Psychology1
PSYC 459Special Topics in Psychology3
PSYC 488Seminar in Cognitive Science3
PSYC 491Independent Study I: Research1-3
PSYC 492Independent Study II: Research1-3
PSYC 495Psychology Honors I4
PSYC 496Psychology Honors II4
PSYC 504Cognitive Psychology3
PSYC 506Multicultural Psychology3
PSYC 510Research Methods in Psychology3
PSYC 520Human Experimental Psychology4
PSYC 550Quantitative and Statistical Methods3
PSYC 551Latina/o Psychology3
PSYC 552Social Psychology3
PSYC 559Personnel Selection: Issues and Procedures3
PSYC 560Advanced Educational Psychology3
PSYC 561Developmental Psychology3
PSYC 563Theories of Learning3
PSYC 565Developmental Psychopathology3
PSYC 566Interventions for Effective Organizations3
PSYC 568Psychology of Group Dynamics3
PSYC 569Group Theory and Development in Organizations3
PSYC 570Leadership: Theory and Development3
PSYC 571Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 573Behavioral Neuroscience3
PSYC 574Cognitive Assessment3
PSYC 575Clinical Assessment3
PSYC 577Practicum in Psychoeducational Assessment I1
PSYC 578Psychometrics3
PSYC 579Practicum in Psychoeducational Assessment II1
PSYC 582Behavior Modification3
PSYC 583Sensation and Perception3
PSYC 584Performance Management3
PSYC 585Work Attitudes and Motivation: Theory and Application3
PSYC 592Health Psychology3
PSYC 593Clinical Interviewing3
PSYC 594School-Based Interventions3

Sociology Courses

SOCI 100Introduction to Sociology3
SOCI 102Racial and Ethnic Relations3
SOCI 104Sociology of the Family3
SOCI 105Black Family3
SOCI 106Individual and Society3
SOCI 112Sociology of Leisure3
SOCI 113Social Problems3
SOCI 201Foundations of Sociological Inquiry4
SOCI 207Social Structure of American Society3
SOCI 208Men and Masculinities3
SOCI 209Sociology of Poverty and Welfare3
SOCI 212Sociology of Technology3
SOCI 215Sociology of Sports3
SOCI 219Sociology of Aging3
SOCI 220Sociology of Rich and Poor Nations3
SOCI 230Sociology of Conflict and Violence3
SOCI 240Statistics for Social Research4
SOCI 290Cooperative Education in Sociology3-4
SOCI 301Sociological Research Methods I4
SOCI 302Sociological Research Methods II3
SOCI 303Large Scale Organizations3
SOCI 304Sociology of Work and Professions3
SOCI 309Sociology of Health and Illness3
SOCI 310Directed Independent Research3-9
SOCI 311Urban Sociology3
SOCI 312Environmental Sociology3
SOCI 313Sociological Theory: A Critical Analysis3
SOCI 314Environmental Justice3
SOCI 315Social Inequality3
SOCI 316Sociology of Education3
SOCI 318Sociology of Population3
SOCI 330Political Sociology3
SOCI 334Comparative Social Analysis3
SOCI 336Sociology and Social Work3
SOCI 340Social Change in a Global World3
SOCI 364Religion, Culture, and Society3
SOCI 400Senior Project3
SOCI 401Sociology of Emotions3
SOCI 402Social Contexts of Mental Illness and Treatment3
SOCI 405Deviance and Social Control3
SOCI 407Sociology of the Mass Media3
SOCI 408Social Movements3
SOCI 411Selected Topics in Sociology3
SOCI 416Qualitative Research in Sociology3
SOCI 420Sociology of Law3
SOCI 426Sociology of Sexuality3
SOCI 430Sociology of Gender3
SOCI 500Research Project Management3
SOCI 556Data Analysis3
SOCI 559Sociology of Deviance3
SOCI 560Sociological Theory3
SOCI 563Self and Society3
SOCI 564Social Planning and Social Policy3
SOCI 566The Metropolitan Community3
SOCI 567Power and Social Stratification3
SOCI 568Survey Research3
SOCI 569Interviews and Focus Groups3
SOCI 570Independent Projects3
SOCI 571Seminar in Applied Sociological Inquiry3
SOCI 572Selected Problems in Sociology3
SOCI 574Sociology of Ethnic Relationships3
SOCI 576The Family as an Institution3
SOCI 577Sociology of Poverty in the United States3
SOCI 578Community Resources and Aging3
SOCI 581Sociological Perspectives on Health and Medicine3
SOCI 584The Sociology of the Criminal Justice System3
SOCI 585The Sociology of Police3
SOCI 587The Sociology of Juvenile Delinquency3
SOCI 588Aging Individual in an Aging Society3
SOCI 590Sociology of the Life Course3
SOCI 591The Sociology of Unequal Development3
SOCI 595Internship in Applied Sociology: Crime and Justice3
SOCI 596Internship in Applied Sociology: Aging3
SOCI 597Internship in Applied Sociology: Health and Illness3
SOCI 598Internship in Applied Sociology: Social Research and Policy3