Music Therapy Major (Strings, Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Primary) (B.A.)

The Music Therapy program is one of the oldest (1969) and foremost training programs in this country. It features closely supervised clinical work each semester, which takes place at local facilities as well as schools, nursing homes and hospitals in New York City. In addition, the program offers a Music Therapy Training Group, Introduction to Guided Imagery and Music, an on-campus music therapy clinic, and specialized courses in piano accompaniment and clinical improvisation. Guest clinicians from the U.S. and other countries frequently make presentations and give workshops.
In addition to the Bachelor of Arts degree, successful completion of this degree allows the recipient to sit for the examination to become a Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC).

For further information: Cali School of Music; Academic Program Information

Program Requirements

Students must complete 42 credits of General Education requirements and 3-9 credits of World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Applied Music - Primary Instrument
MUAP 121Applied Music I2
MUAP 122Applied Music II2
MUAP 223Applied Music III2
MUAP 224Applied Music IV2
MUAP 325Applied Music V2
MUAP 326Applied Music VI2
Secondary Instrument for Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion
MSSN 101Keyboard Musicianship I1
MSSN 102Keyboard Musicianship II1
MSSN 111Secondary Instrument Voice I1
MSSN 112Secondary Instrument Voice II1
MSSN 203Keyboard Musicianship III1
MSSN 204Keyboard Musicianship IV1
Secondary Instrument Guitar Requirement
MSSN 121Secondary Instrument Guitar I1
MSSN 122Secondary Instrument Guitar II1
Ensemble Requirement
Orchestra/Band Ensemble
Select 3 credits from the following using the primary instrument:3
Chamber Ensemble
Select two of the following:1
Montclair State University Chorale
Montclair State University Singers
Opera Workshop
Collegium Musicum
Chamber Ensemble Performance
Jazz Ensemble
Performance Practicum
MUPR 139Performance Practicum 10
Theory/Aural Skills
MUCP 101Theory I3
MUCP 102Theory II3
MUCP 103Aural Skills I1
MUCP 104Aural Skills II1
MUCP 201Theory III3
MUCP 202Theory IV3
MUCP 203Aural Skills III1
MUCP 204Aural Skills IV1
MUCP 241Musical Composition2
Music History
MUHS 307Music in Time, Place and Ideas: Up to 17003
MUHS 308Music in Time, Place and Ideas: 1700-18903
MUHS 407Music in Time, Place and Ideas: 1890 to Present3
Required Courses for Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion
MUED 435Conducting for Music Educators2
or MUPR 335 Elementary Conducting
MUHS 106Diverse Worlds of Music3
MUED 306Percussion Instruments1
Additional Required Courses
MUTH 115Music Therapy Practicum I1
MUTH 200Methods and Materials in Music Therapy2
MUTH 205Music Therapy Practicum II1
MUTH 306Piano Accompanying Techniques for the Music Therapist1
MUTH 307Piano Improvisation for the Music Therapist1
MUTH 315Music Therapy Practicum III1
MUTH 325Music Therapy Practicum IV1
MUTH 415Music Therapy Practicum V1
MUTH 425Music Therapy Practicum VI1
Professional Sequence
MUTH 100Introduction to Music Therapy2
MUTH 110Therapy and Observation Skills for Music Therapy2
MUTH 310Music Therapy with Children3
MUTH 320Psychological Foundations of Music I3
MUTH 400Music Therapy Training Group1
MUTH 410Music Therapy with Adults3
MUTH 420Psychological Foundations of Music II3
MUTH 430Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)1
MUTH 495Internship in Music Therapy12
PSYC 201Child Psychology3
PSYC 235Psychology of Exceptional Children and Youth3
PSYC 365Abnormal Psychology3
Collateral Courses
BIOL 110The Biology of Human Life4
MATH 109Statistics3
MUTC 101Music and Computer Technology I3
PEGN 271Social Dance1
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
Total Credits120

Course must be completed a minimum of 8 times. There is no credit associated with this course.