Music Major, Performance Concentration (Voice Primary) (B.Mus.)

The B.Mus. program in Performance focuses on the mastery of technical skills, broad solo and ensemble experience, and the nurturing of artistic growth to help students reach their full potential.

For further information: Cali School of Music; Academic Program Information

Program Requirements

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I. General Education
A. New Student Seminar
MUGN 199Freshman Seminar for Music Majors1
C. Communication
1. Writing
WRIT 105College Writing I3
F. Humanities
1. Great Works and Their Influences3
2. Philosophical and Religious Perspectives 3
G. Computer Science
Fulfilled by MUTC 101 in the major.0
K. Social Science
1. American and European History 3
II. World Languages and Cultures
A. World Languages
Fulfilled by language requirement in the major.0
B. World Cultures
Fulfilled by MUHS 106 in the major.
III. Major Requirements
A. Core Music Requirements
1. Performance Courses
MUAP 121Applied Music I2
MUAP 122Applied Music II2
MUAP 223Applied Music III2
MUAP 224Applied Music IV2
MUAP 345Applied Music V4
MUAP 346Applied Music VI4
MUAP 447Applied Music VII4
MUAP 448Applied Music VIII4
MUPR 140Performance Practicum for Performance Majors (Complete 8 times)4
MUPR 295Sophomore Recital1
or MUPR 395 Junior Recital
MUPR 495Senior Recital1
MUPR 335Elementary Conducting2
2. Music Theory
MUCP 101Theory I3
MUCP 102Theory II3
MUCP 201Theory III3
MUCP 202Theory IV3
MUCP 103Aural Skills I1
MUCP 104Aural Skills II1
MUCP 203Aural Skills III1
MUCP 204Aural Skills IV1
MUTC 101Music and Computer Technology I3
3. Music History
MUHS 106Diverse Worlds of Music3
MUHS 307Music in Time, Place and Ideas: Up to 17003
MUHS 308Music in Time, Place and Ideas: 1700-18903
MUHS 407Music in Time, Place and Ideas: 1890 to Present3
or MUHS 409 Honors - Music in Time, Place and Ideas: 1890 to Present
B. Area Requirements - Voice
MSSN 101Keyboard Musicianship I1
MSSN 102Keyboard Musicianship II1
MSSN 203Keyboard Musicianship III1
MSSN 204Keyboard Musicianship IV1
MUPR 200Vocal Coaching (Complete this course 6 times.)0
MUPR 130Introduction to Diction: English and Italian1
MUPR 131Diction Overview: German and French1
MULT 230Vocal Repertory from Monody to Mozart2
MULT 231The 19th Century Song: Lied and Melodie2
MULT 232The 20th Century Art Song2
MTTH 132Acting for the Singer I0.5
MUEN 100Montclair State University Chorale (Complete 8 times.)4
MUEN 130Opera Workshop (Complete 3 times.)1.5
MUPR 199Opera Coaching (Complete 3 times.)0
MUEN 140Collegium Musicum (Complete 2 times.)1
Complete 2 credits from the following:2
Montclair State University Chorale
Montclair State University Singers
Opera Workshop
Collegium Musicum
Chamber Ensemble Performance
Jazz Ensemble
MUPR 441Pedagogy Of The Voice3
FREN 101Beginning French I3
FREN 112Beginning French II3
GERM 101Beginning German I3
GERM 102Beginning German II3
ITAL 101Italian I3
ITAL 102Italian II3
IV. Free Electives
Complete additional coursework to reach 120 credits.2
Total Credits120