Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences (M.S.) (Combined B.S./M.S.)

Director: Paul Bologna

Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences represent the wide variety of ecosystems that are linked through water. The study of Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences encompasses freshwater lakes and streams, estuaries, and coastal marine habitats. These habitats are critical for numerous plants and animals, but they can be compromised by human activities. Students who pursue this major are interested in understanding the relationships among plants, animals and humans and how to protect and restore these valuable ecosystems.

This major is an interdisciplinary program of study emphasizing the four core sciences of biology, geology, chemistry, and physics. This is a combined BS/MS program where students will be engaged in both class work and research, culminating in the development and completion of the Master's Thesis. Students completing this program will be well prepared to enter the work force in research, environmental consulting, education and regulatory agencies (e.g., EPA), as well as in non-profit organizations. Additionally, students will be prepared to undertake further graduate work.

The curriculum was designed for students who have had high school biology, chemistry, and physics, and three years of college preparatory mathematics.

Program Requirements

Three courses for 9 credits will be applied from the UG program.

Required Courses
AQUA 551Advanced Aquatic Biological Processes3
BIOL 570Ecology3
EAES 505Environmental Geoscience3
or EAES 526 Geochemistry
EAES 533Water Resource Management3
or EAES 560 Environmental Law
BIOL 592Graduate Colloquium1
or EAES 790 Colloquium in Environmental Management
Graduate Electives
Select 9 credits from the following:9
Population Genetics
Plant Physiology
Advanced Herpetology
Advanced Entomology
Advanced Comparative Animal Physiology
Microbial Physiology
Physiological Plant Ecology
Wetland Ecology
Shoreline Ecology
Behavioral Ecology
Biology of Extreme Habitats
Physiological Ecology of Animals
Evolutionary Mechanisms
Selected Advanced Topics in Biology
Selected Advanced Topics in Physiology
Selected Advanced Topics in Ecology
Molecular Ecology
Conservation Biology: The Preservation of Biological Diversity
Advanced Physical Geology
Geographic Information Systems
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing of the Environment
Organic Geoghemistry
Applied Groundwater Modeling
Advanced Marine Geology
Pro Seminar
Culminating Activity
Graduate Research
AQUA 599Graduate Research in Aquatic and Coastal Sciences4
Graduate Thesis
AQUA 698Master's Thesis6
Submit the completed Thesis original and one copy to the Graduate Office. See Thesis Guidelines for details.
Total Credits32