Learning Disabilities (M.Ed.)

This program prepares students to be Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultants (LDT-Cs). This is an endorsement on a teaching certificate and three years of teaching is required to be eligible for the LDT-C certification. LDT-Cs are members of Child Study Teams which are responsible for the assessment, placement, IEP (Individualized Educational Program) development, and program monitoring of students referred to or eligible for special education services. An essential component of the LDT-C role is to provide consultation and in-service training for teachers regarding a student's educational program.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
SPED 578Evaluation and Planning for Students with Learning Problems I3
SPED 579Special Education for Students with Disabilities3
SPED 581Evaluation and Planning for Students with Learning Problems II3
SPED 587Advanced Instructional Techniques for Students with Learning Problems3
SPED 590Practicum: Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant3
SPED 595Medical and Physical Bases of Disabilities3
SPED 596Advanced Practicum: Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant3
SPED 668Consultation Methods in Psychoeducational Settings3
SPED 690Action Research in Inclusive Settings3
EDFD 578Testing and Evaluation3
or PSYC 578 Psychological Tests and Measurements
PSYC 560Advanced Educational Psychology3
or PSYC 563 Theories of Learning
Select two of the following:6
Language Disorders of Children
Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
Technology for Inclusive Classrooms
Educational Planning for Adolescents with Disabilities
Promoting Prosocial Behaviors in Inclusive Settings
Comprehensive Project
Successfully complete the Comprehensive Project.
Documentation of Experience
Provide verification of 3 years of full time teaching experience. Must be signed on original school letterhead.
Total Credits39