Justice Studies Major, International Justice Concentration (B.A.)

Coordinator: Gabriel Rubin

A minimum of 120 credits of coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree with a minimum 3.0 overall GPA, and a minimum 3.0 major GPA. However, more than 120 credits may be required depending upon the major field of study.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 42 credits of General Education requirements and 3-9 credits of World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Complete with a minimum 3.000 GPA:

Justice Studies Core
JUST 200Perspectives on Justice Studies I3
JUST 201Perspectives on Justice Studies II3
JUST 300Research Methods in Justice Studies3
JUST 310Theoretical Issues in Justice Studies3
JUST 497Senior Seminar and Internship3
International Justice Concentration
JUST 103Introduction to International Justice3
JUST 210International Justice II3
JUST 240Statistics for Social Research4
or SOCI 240 Statistics for Social Research
International Justice Concentration Electives
Select 15 credits from the following:15
Organized Crime
Terrorism and Social Justice
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
Homeland Security
International Environmental Issues
International Criminal Law and Procedure
Wildlife Trafficking
Policing Terrorism
Crime and Globalization
International Prisoners' Rights
Human Trafficking
Selected Topics in Justice Studies
Seminar on Gender and Crime
International Civil Conflicts
Senior Honors Seminar in Research
Immigration Law
Total Credits40