Journalism Major (B.A.)

We live in a world of news and information. But what are the skills that help us tell the best stories that capture the imagination of the readers and transform the world? Learn how to find, cover and disseminate the most compelling stories across media platforms, from traditional print and television media to computer screens and mobile devices. You will have great opportunities to work on the development of multi-platform projects and work at the campus radio station, the Montclarion newspaper, and the online news site to develop a well-rounded experience.

Program Requirements

Students must complete General Education requirements and World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Core Requirements
Core Courses
CMDA 110Introduction to Communication and Media Arts3
CMDA 210Theorizing Communication and Media Arts3
CMDA 220Writing for the Media3
CMDA 320Transmedia Projects3
Colloquium Series
CMDA 490Colloquium Series 10
Concentration Requirements
JOUR 180Multimedia Toolkit3
JOUR 210News Reporting: Print and Online3
JOUR 280Writing/Reporting For TV and Radio3
JOUR 480News Production Lab4
TVDM 253Introduction to Field Production and Editing4
TVDM 349Ethics of Mass Communication3
TVDM 441Multimedia News Production3
Select 14 credits from the list (see below)14
Total Credits49


CMDA 360Communication and Media Cooperative Education4-16
CMDA 440Independent Study1-3
CMST 102Voice and Speech Improvement3
CMST 130Public Relations Principles3
CMST 160Introduction to Health Communication3
CMST 170Organizational Communication3
CMST 200Going Viral3
CMST 202Listening3
CMST 205Race, Ethnicity and Media3
CMST 215Media History and Form3
CMST 222Public Speaking3
CMST 225New Media and Participatory Culture3
CMST 233Public Relations Writing3
CMST 235Youth Culture and The Popular3
CMST 237Public Relations Ethics3
CMST 242Speaking Culturally3
CMST 245Communication, Media and Gender3
CMST 246Interpersonal Communication I3
CMST 260Health Communication Theory3
CMST 263Health and Mass Media3
CMST 270Organizational and Group Leadership3
CMST 273Democracy and Communication3
CMST 275Building Bridges through Dialogue3
CMST 280Investigative Research Methods3
CMST 302Interpersonal Communication II3
CMST 322Intercultural Communication3
CMST 325Media Criticism3
CMST 326Integrated Communications3
CMST 330Public Relations Research3
CMST 331Online Video Production for Public Relations1
CMST 333Public Relations Cases and Campaigns3
CMST 335Globalization, Communication and Media3
CMST 337Specialized Writing in Public Relations3
CMST 339Public Relations Techniques in a Digital Age3
CMST 342Argumentation and Debate3
CMST 345Critical Television Studies3
CMST 355Visual Communication3
CMST 360Emerging Technologies in Health Communication3
CMST 362Nonverbal Communication3
CMST 363Health Communication in Interpersonal Contexts3
CMST 365Health Communication and the Arts3
CMST 370Managing Diversity and Conflict3
CMST 373Collaborative Problem Solving3
CMST 375Organizational Change3
CMST 377Mediated Organizations3
CMST 379Community-Based Organizing3
CMST 402Speaking in Varied Contexts3
CMST 405Persuasion and Transmedia Campaigns3
CMST 410Career Management3
CMST 415Production Culture3
CMST 425Seminar in Mediated Communication3
CMST 430Public Relations Management3
CMST 433Seminar in Public Relations3
CMST 435Special Topics in Communication and Media Arts1-3
CMST 437Crisis Management in Public Relations3
CMST 439Global Public Relations3
CMST 460Planning and Implementing Health Campaigns3
CMST 470Organizational Consulting3
CMST 475Seminar in Organizational Communication3
CMST 499Honors: Senior Seminar3
FILM 200Film Making I4
FILM 201Digital Filmmaking I3
FILM 205Acting for Filmmakers3
FILM 221Digital Filmmaking II3
FILM 222Production Design I3
FILM 230Introduction to Screenwriting3
FILM 250Film Forum3
FILM 255Film Story Analysis3
FILM 260Film Making II4
FILM 261Theatre - Film Collaborations I3
FILM 262Filmmaking Workshop1
FILM 265Principles of Cinematography3
FILM 277Audio Production for Film/Digital Media3
FILM 280Film Art: Historical and Contemporary3
FILM 282The Avant-Garde Cinema3
FILM 283Mythic Structure in Screenwriting3
FILM 300Documentary Workshop3
FILM 310Intermediate Screenwriting3
FILM 320Directing for Writers3
FILM 321Writing the Feature Film3
FILM 322Writing Television/Web Series3
FILM 323Adaptation3
FILM 324Writing for Interactive Media3
FILM 360Film Editing3
FILM 361Theatre - Film Collaborations II3
FILM 363Integrated Media3
FILM 364Production Management3
FILM 365Motion Graphics3
FILM 367Production Design II3
FILM 368Producing: Development through Distribution3
FILM 410Advanced Screenwriting3
FILM 420Independent Study in Production Design3
FILM 422Art Directing Workshop3
FILM 425Advanced Editing3
FILM 426Advanced Cinematography3
FILM 430Film III: Directing Workshop3
FILM 440Actor/Director Master Class3
FILM 452Game Development3
FILM 455Commercial Directing3
FILM 460Experimental Film/Digital Workshop I3
FILM 461Experimental Film/Digital Workshop II3
FILM 462Advanced Master Class in Screenwriting3
FILM 463Advanced Film Workshop3
FILM 464Filmmaking Internship1-9
FILM 491Thesis Project I3
FILM 492Thesis Project II3
JOUR 211Advanced News Reporting: Field Experience4
JOUR 216History of Journalism in America3
JOUR 219The Holocaust and the American Press: Before, During and After3
JOUR 232Modern Journalism1-3
JOUR 282New Jersey Local News3
JOUR 284The Entertainment Beat3
JOUR 288Special Topics in Journalism1-3
JOUR 300Meet the Press3
JOUR 313Editing3
JOUR 314Advanced Editing3
JOUR 315Magazine Journalism3
JOUR 316Reporting of Public Affairs3
JOUR 317Feature Writing3
JOUR 388Apps for Journalists3
JOUR 416Interpretive Journalism3
JOUR 488Media Entrepreneurship3
TVDM 101History and Development of TV and Digital Media3
TVDM 201Language of Television3
TVDM 205Fundamentals of TV and Digital Media3
TVDM 2203
TVDM 221Developing the Documentary3
TVDM 233Radio Production3
TVDM 243Media and Culture3
TVDM 245Radio and TV Performance3
TVDM 247Sports Media and Society3
TVDM 251Introduction to the Control Room/Studio4
TVDM 255Special Topics in Television and Digital Media1-3
TVDM 260History of Television Programming3
TVDM 277Audio Production for Film/Digital Media3
TVDM 2933
TVDM 300Documentary Production3
TVDM 315Political Broadcasting3
TVDM 341Cross Platform Sports Writing and Reporting3
TVDM 343Sports Production for Television, Radio and Internet3
TVDM 345Advanced Television Event Production and Planning3
TVDM 351Television Practicum1
TVDM 353Children's Television3
TVDM 355Craft Workshop1-3
TVDM 357Advanced Television Production4
TVDM 360Advanced Post-Production Workshop3
TVDM 361Media Management3
TVDM 373MIDI and Digital Music Production3
TVDM 375Introduction to Music Recording3
TVDM 377Sound Analysis and Design3
TVDM 3913
TVDM 4213
TVDM 450Senior Seminar3
TVDM 451Television Production Company1-3
TVDM 455Special Topics in Television and Digital Media1-3
TVDM 477Sound Design for Film3