Inclusive Education, Early Childhood (P-3) Teachers/Autism/Teacher of Students with Disabilities Concentration (M.Ed.)

Program Requirements

FSHD 512Child Development I: Theories of Child Development 13
READ 500Literacy Foundations 13
Core Courses
ECSE 502Sociocultural Context of Disability and Inclusive Education3
ECSE 505Learning and Development in Children With and Without Disabilities3
ECSE 508Strengthening Partnerships with Families of Children with Disabilities3
ECSE 523Communication, Collaboration and Consultation in Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Contexts3
Concentration Courses
ECSE 506Observation and Assessment of Young Children with Disabilities: Birth to Age 83
ECSE 509Principles and Practices in Inclusive Early Childhood Education3
ECSE 511Advanced Teaching Practices in Inclusive Early Childhood Education3
ECSE 580Conceptual Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Bio-Psych-Social Perspectives3
ECSE 582Inquiry and Praxis: Developmental Approaches for Autism Intervention3
ECSE 583Practicum: Reflective Practice in Autism Intervention3
READ 519Language and Early Literacy Development3
Culminating Experience Course
ECSE 520Research in Inclusive Early Childhood Education3
Total Credits42