History (M.A.)

Program Requirements

Required Courses
HIST 501New Interpretations in History3
or HIST 502 History and New Social Studies
Major Electives
Select 18 credits of the following:18
New Interpretations in History
Seminar in American Colonial History
American Revolution 1763-1787
Problems-New Nation 1789-1828
The Crisis of American Nationalism, 1828-1876
Culture and Consciousness: Women in Nineteenth Century America
Age of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Urban History: National Trends in New Jersey Cities
America Since 1945
Civil War and Revolution in Chinese History, 1911-1949
Revolutionary Russia 1905-1921
History of Soviet Diplomacy
History of American Business Leaders
History of American Labor 1870-1970
The Industrialization of America, 1865-1900
Europe of the Dictators, 1919-1939
Modernization in Japanese Cultural History
French Revolution and Napoleon
Castle, Cathedral and Crusade: Europe in the High Middle Ages, 1000-1300
Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800
Nineteenth Century European Intellectual History
Europe as a World Civilization
Asian Civilization-Comparative Cultural History
African Identities: Gender, Ethnicity, and Nation
Seminar in Non-Western History
Free Electives
Select 9 credits of free electives with Graduate Program Coordinator approval.9
Culminating Experience
HIST 603Reading Seminar in History2
Comprehensive Examination
In the term that you will sit for exam, register for the section which matches your major & advisor. Successfully pass exam.
GRAD CMPComprehensive Examination0
Total Credits32