General Education Requirements B.Mus.

A. New Student Seminar
MUGN 199Freshman Seminar for Music Majors1
C. Communication
C1. Writing
Select one of the following:3
College Writing I
Honors Seminar in Great Books and Ideas Part I 1
C2. Literature
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Literature: The Analytic Essay
Introduction to Literature: The Short Story
Introduction to Literature: Bestsellers and Popular Fiction
Introduction to Literature: Utopian and Dystopian Fiction
College Writing II
Honors Seminar in Great Books and Ideas Part II 1
C3. Communication
CMST 101Fundamentals of Speech: Communication Requirement3
F. Humanities
F1. Great Works and Their Influences
Select one of the following:3
World Literature: The Coming of Age Theme
World Literature: Voices of Tradition and Challenge
Fairy Tales from Grimm to Disney
Troy and the Trojan War
General Humanities I (to 1400)
General Humanities II (from 1400)
Italian Americans in Film
The Great Russian Novel
Global Foundations in Art and Visual Culture
Modern Visions 1400-1945
F2. Philosophical and Religious Perspectives
Select one of the following:3
Philosophical Orientation to Education
Honors Seminar on Ways of Knowing
Introduction to Philosophy
Religions of the World
Understanding Religion
Religious Ethics
Religion and Culture
G. Computer Science
MUTC 101Music and Computer Technology I3
K. Social Science
K1. American/European History
Select one of the following:3
Historical Foundations of American Education
Greek Civilization
Roman Civilization
Foundations of Western Civilization
Emergence of European Civilization, 1500-1914
Contemporary Europe, 1914 to the Present
Introduction to American Studies
History of the United States to 1876
History of the United States Since 1876
Honors Seminar in 20th Century Civilization 1
Total Credits22

Honors Program students must complete this course. Honors seminars are for Honors Program students only.

 NOTE: The following General Education categories are not applicable to BMUS majors: Fine and Performing Arts, Mathematics, Natural Science Laboratory, Physical Education, Global Cultural Perspectives, Social Science Perspectives, and General Education Elective.