French, French Literature Concentration (M.A.)

Program Requirements

Required Courses
FREN 508Explication de Texte and Stylistic Analysis3
FREN 603Research Seminar3
Core Electives
Medieval, Renaissance and Classical French Literature
Select two of the following:6
Medieval French Literature
Medieval French Theatre
Medieval French Seminar
French Humanism in 16th Century
Poetry of the Renaissance
16th Century Seminar
Moralists of the 17th Century
Corneille, Racine and Moliere
Selected Topics in 17th Century French Literature
Enlightenment and Revolution in French Literature
Select two of the following:6
Seminar in Enlightenment and Revolutionary France
Philosophy and Politics in 18th Century France
The Development of the Novel in 18th Century France
18th Century Seminar
19th Century French Theatre
French Novel of 19th Century I
French Novel of 19th Century II
19th Century French Poetry
19th Century Seminar
Modern French and Francophone Literature
Select two of the following:6
Critical Approaches to Literature
Nineteenth-Century French Literature Seminar
20th Century French Theatre
20th Century French Novel I
20th Century French Novel II
20th Century Seminar
Francophone Literature
Contemporary French Civilization-Selected Topics
Contemporary Francophone Civilization Seminar
Women Writers from North Africa
Electives and Culminating Experience
Required Electives
Select 6 credits (if choosing Thesis option) or 9 credits (if choosing Comprehensive Exam option) from the required electives list below6-9
Culminating Experience
Select one of the following options:0-4
Masters Thesis
Master's Thesis
Submit the completed Thesis original and one copy to the Graduate Office. See Thesis Guidelines for details.
Comprehensive Examination
In the term that you will sit for exam, register for the section which matches your major & advisor. Successfully pass exam.
GRAD CMPComprehensive Examination0
Total Credits33

Required Electives

FREN 501Graduate Study Abroad3-6
FREN 504Politics of the French Language3
FREN 505History of the French Language3
FREN 506Advanced French Phonetics3
FREN 507Practicum in Translation and Interpreting3
FREN 509Critical Approaches to Literature3
FREN 510Topics in French Linguistics 3
FREN 511Medieval French Literature3
FREN 513Medieval French Theatre3
FREN 514Medieval French Seminar3
FREN 516French Humanism in 16th Century3
FREN 517Poetry of the Renaissance3
FREN 51816th Century Seminar3
FREN 525Moralists of the 17th Century3
FREN 526Corneille, Racine and Moliere3
FREN 527Selected Topics in 17th Century French Literature3
FREN 529Seminar in Enlightenment and Revolutionary France3
FREN 530Philosophy and Politics in 18th Century France3
FREN 531The Development of the Novel in 18th Century France3
FREN 53218th Century Seminar3
FREN 533Eighteenth-Century French Civilization Seminar3
FREN 535Nineteenth-Century French Literature Seminar3
FREN 536The Romantic Movement3
FREN 53719th Century French Theatre3
FREN 538French Novel of 19th Century I3
FREN 539French Novel of 19th Century II3
FREN 54019th Century French Poetry3
FREN 54119th Century Seminar3
FREN 54220th Century French Theatre3
FREN 54420th Century French Novel I3
FREN 54520th Century French Novel II3
FREN 54620th Century Seminar3
FREN 547Francophone Literature3
FREN 548Contemporary French Civilization-Selected Topics3
FREN 549Contemporary Francophone Civilization Seminar3
FREN 550Introduction to French Colonialism3
FREN 551Women Writers from North Africa3