Educational Leadership (M.A.)

Coordinator: Dr. Eunice Grippaldi
Office: University Hall, Room 3194
Phone Number: (973) 655-7718

Graduate students have several options for format, time, duration and place in order to complete the specific requirements for the MA in Educational Leadership.

Our fast track option allows students to earn the full master’s degree with both principal and supervisor certifications in 14 months while working full-time. Each cohort runs on a summer-to-summer time schedule. Classes are offered on select weekends and evenings in both online and hybrid formats. The program’s structure enables working professionals the flexibility of an intensive, yet manageable course of study in an accelerated fashion.

Individuals interested in a more traditional pace of study may pursue the master’s degree through the flexible option, where they can select and schedule their courses each semester from a variety of formats: weekend, online, face2face and hybrid. Students choose their courses, schedules and formats in the way that works best for them each semester as they work toward the completion of the master’s degree.

Students who live a distance from our campus and wish to be part of the Montclair experience can take advantage of our off-site opportunities for the master’s degree and/or certifications. These courses are offered in the various regions of the state and bring our faculty expertise and student choice of formats directly to a school district.

The fully online program offers the masters degree to students who seek the flexibility of distance learning.  All 36 credits of the masters degree are offered in 7.5 week sessions that are fully online.  Students will work in cohorts and follow a prescribed sequence of coursework. 

All applicants who wish to be eligible for certification as a school leader in the state of New Jersey must possess a Standard New Jersey Teaching or Educational Services Certificate or an out-of-state (ie. NY, PA) Standard Teaching Certificate or Educational Services Certificate and a minimum of 3 years teaching or Educational Service experience.  On a case-by-case basis, students who do not meet those requirements may apply for "DEGREE ONLY" and will NOT be automatically eligible for NJ certification as principal or supervisor.

Graduate students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership seeking to be supervisors, principals, directors, and school superintendents will participate in courses and field experiences:

  1. To help develop and/or support a personal philosophy of education and social consciousness consistent with related theories of learning and human development.
  2. To develop characteristics required for effective leadership in education.
  3. To analyze educational organizations and plan programs and strategies for increasing organizational effectiveness.
  4. To develop techniques to facilitate interpersonal and group problem-solving and decision-making.
  5. To develop skills in managing change and conflict in educational endeavors.
  6. To interpret research findings and design and implement research techniques for their organizational needs.

Program Requirements

Leadership Knowledge
ELAD 510Effective Leadership in a Diverse Society3
ELAD 521Education Law3
ELAD 622School Finance3
ELAD 690School and Community Relations3
Supervisory Processes
ELAD 540Differentiated Supervision3
ELAD 543Leadership and the Learning Organization3
Curriculum Development
ELAD 635Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment3
ELAD 680Leading Curriculum Change for Student Achievement3
Core Academic
EDFD 504Action Research3
Internship or Leadership
ELAD 614Transformative Leadership Practices3
or ELAD 615 Internship in School Leadership
Select two of the following with advisor approval:6
Dynamics of Group Process
Testing and Evaluation
Leadership Skills in Communication
Fieldwork in District Level Leadership
Ethical Leadership and Decision Making
School Plant Maintenance and Operation
Accounting, Auditing, and Reporting for School Systems
Staff Personnel Administration and Supervision
Collective Bargaining, Impasse and Grievance Resolution
Selected Topics in Administration and Supervision
Special Education for Students with Disabilities
Documentation of Experience
Provide verification of 5 years of educational experience. Must be signed on original school letterhead.
Total Credits36