Dance Minor

Program Coordinator/Advisor: Professor Christian von Howard

The Minor in Dance provides an experiential overview of dance as a discipline, intended for students majoring in another area of study.   Students will receive studio training in modern dance and ballet technique, as well as other dance forms.  Studies in this program will encourage a better understanding of dance history, techniques for choreography and various sociocultural factors that shape and define the art form.

To minor in dance (and have it listed on the transcript), students must proceed as follows:

  1. Student must successfully complete and pass 8 credit hours of dance minor courses for acceptance into the program.
  2. Additionally, student must not be on academic probation and have a minimum GPA above 2.0 for acceptance into the program.
  3. Student must fill out the Undergraduate Change of Major/Minor Form and submit it to the Dance Minor program coordinator after completing the required 8 credits to declare the minor.
  4. Complete the Dance Minor Program sequence, outlined below (21 credits).

Program Requirements

Required Dance Courses
DNCE 105Dance Appreciation3
Technique Courses
DNCE 100Introduction to Ballet (Non-Major)3
DNCE 110Introduction to Modern Dance (Non-Major)3
DNCE 200Introduction to Ballet II (non-majors)3
DNCE 210Introduction to Modern Dance II (non-majors)3
Dance Electives
Complete 6 credits from the following:6
World Dance (May be repeated 3 times for credit)
Dance Improvisation
Dance for Children
Total Credits21