Computer Science, Information Technology Concentration (M.S.)

Program Requirements

Core Knowledge
Select 0-19 credits of the following as required by advisor:0-19
Computer Science Foundations I
Comptuer Science Foundations II
Computer Science Foundations III
Computer Science Foundations IV
Mathematics for Computer Science III
Required Courses
CSIT 535Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)3
CSIT 537Web Development3
CSIT 540Computer Networks3
CSIT 555Database Systems3
CSIT 560Network Security3
Select five of the following:15
Software Engineering
Computer Architecture
Operating Systems
Mobile Computing
Computer Algorithms and Analysis
Image Processing
Topics in Computer Science
Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
Advanced Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Advanced Database Systems
Scientific Databases
Independent Study: Computer Science
Readings in Computer Science
Culminating Experience
Select one of the following options:3
Students must have a 3.3 GPA or higher in the required core courses to register for the Thesis
Master's Thesis
Masters Project
Master's Project in Computer Science
Literature Survey
Literature Survey in Computer Science
Total Credits33-52