Art and Design Studio Minor

Program Overview

The Art and Design Studio Minor is for undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing art studies in conjunction with their non-studio major. The minor provides an overview of art as a discipline, fostering an introduction to art history and design and careers in the arts, as well as providing experience in a variety of studio areas. The curriculum may complement or enhance a related field of study or satisfy an independent area of interest. The program is based in the Department of Art and Design. For further information, go to: Art and Design Studio Minor.

Program Requirements

Select one of the following:3
Foundations I: Concept, Process and Application
Foundations II: 2D Design
Foundations III: Visual Organization - 3D Design
Select one of the following:3
Selected Masterpieces of World Art
Art in Non-Western Societies
Art in Western Civilization: Ancient Through Medieval
Art in Western Civilization: Renaissance through Modern
Women and Art
African-American Art
Research Methods in Art History
Modern Philosophies of Art
History of the Print
History of Textiles
Renaissance Art in Italy: The Fifteenth Century
Select four of the following: 112
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Beginning I
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Beginning II
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Intermediate
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Advanced
Drawing, Beginning I
Life Drawing, Beginning I
Drawing, Beginning II
Life Drawing, Beginning II
Drawing, Intermediate
Life Drawing, Intermediate
Drawing, Advanced
Graphic Design, Beginning I
Graphic Design, Beginning II
Typography I
Graphic Design, Intermediate
Design Sketching
Design and Problem Solving
Industrial Design Beginning
Digital Modeling I
Illustration, Beginning I
Illustration, Beginning II
The World of Illustration and Animation
Illustration III, Art of the Visual Narrative
Metalwork and Jewelry, Beginning I
Metalwork and Jewelry, Beginning II
Metalwork and Jewelry, Intermediate
Metalwork and Jewelry, Advanced
Painting, Beginning I
Painting, Beginning II
Figurative Painting
Painting, Intermediate
Painting, Advanced
Photography Beginning I: Contemporary Art Form
Digital Photo and Imaging I
Photography Beginning II: Contemporary Art Form
Digital Photo and Imaging II
Printmaking, Beginning I
Printmaking, Beginning II
Etching and Relief Printing
Screen Printing
Book Arts Introduction
Printmaking, Intermediate
Printmaking, Advanced
Sculpture, Beginning I
Sculpture, Beginning II
Sculpture: Clay, Introduction A
Sculpture: Clay, Introduction B
Sculpture, Intermediate
Sculpture: Clay, Intermediate
Sculpture, Advanced
Sculpture: Clay, Advanced
Film Making I
Digital Filmmaking I
Introduction to Screenwriting
Film Making II
Documentary Workshop
Film Editing
Advanced Screenwriting
Total Credits18

Students may select different studios, or choose to focus on one medium