Philosophy for Children (PHLC)

PHLC 501  Teaching Children Philosophical Thinking I 3-12 Credits

This course is designed to equip teachers with the skills and background essential for teaching philosophical thinking in the classroom. Teachers will be introduced to the curriculum materials in philosophy for children, the history of philosophical ideas which form an essential component of the approach, the nature of formal and informal reasoning and an analysis of educational issues which are affected by the introduction of philosophy into the classroom. This course will not count toward the undergraduate major in philosophy. May be repeated for credit three times for a total of twelve credits as long as the content is different with each repetition. 3 hours lecture.

PHLC 502  Teaching Children Philosophical Thinking II 3-12 Credits

This course provides those who have taken an introductory course or workshop in critical thinking or Philosophy for Children the opportunity to practice engaging students in critical and/or philosophical thinking and to reflect on that experience. Each student, in consultation with the course instructor, will plan and execute a complex critical thinking or philosophy project in a classroom setting. Course hours will be divided among time spent in the classroom and consultation with the instructor. If the student is not a certified teacher with her/his own classroom, the instructor will arrange for the student to execute her/his project in a classroom with a teacher who has experience in critical thinking or Philosophy for Children. 3 hours lecture.

PHLC 508  Teaching Philosophical Reasoning I 2 Credits

This course aims to acquaint teachers with reasoning skills that are employed in everyday conversation, reading, listening and writing, so as to prepare them to think more reasonably and judiciously. 1 hour lecture, 1 hour other.

PHLC 509  Teaching Philosophical Reasoning II 2 Credits

This course aims to assist teachers to operationalize reasoning skills while at the same time utilizing certain aspects of philosophy of language, aesthetics and epistemology for the enhancement of writing skills. 2 hours lecture.

PHLC 511  Teaching Philosophical Reasoning III 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): PHLC 509. The aim of this course is to assist prospective teachers to operationalize reasoning skills and to utilize certain aspects of philosophy of language, aesthetics, and epistemology for the enhancement of writing skills. 3 hours lecture.

PHLC 512  Value Inquiry 3 Credits

Prospective teachers are introduced to the techniques by which reasoning can deal with moral issues in the objective and impartial fashion known as ethical inquiry for children. 3 hours lecture.

PHLC 513  Social Inquiry 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): PHLC 508, 509 and 511. This course will enable prospective teachers who have already taken the foundational course in philosophy for children to teach children to apply basic reasoning skills to the social studies. The program, therefore, represents an integration of philosophy, logic and the social sciences. It is also a way of presenting the social studies as a discussion course in which the conceptual foundations of the behavioral sciences are reviewed and appraised. 3 hours lecture.

PHLC 614  Scientific Reasoning 2 Credits

This course aims at familiarizing students with a variety of reasoning skills that are useful in scientific inquiry, while at the same time teaching them how to create a cognitive readiness in children to do science. 2 hours lecture.

PHLC 615  Foundations of Philosophy for Children 2 Credits

The course focuses on the educational relationship between children and thinking. It aims to assist students to understand the role of ideas in children's learning, the ways in which children can be encouraged to deliberate with regard to ill-defined conceptual issues, and to assist students to understand the relationship of Philosophy for Children to critical and creative thinking. 2 hours lecture.