Recreation (PERL)

PERL 103  Team Activities in Recreation Settings 2 Credits

Special fee. Introduction to the fundamenal skills and roles of various team activities. Experience in adapting and applying leadership techniques in order to meet the needs of those people who participate in different recreation settings. Special considerations include the benefits of team activities, safety factors, personality and environmental factors, and the pros and cons of competitive activity. 2 hours lecture.

PERL 107  Winter Outdoor Recreation Skills 2 Credits

Prerequisite(s): Departmental approval. Special fee. Taught at the NJ school of conservation. Emphasizes the development of outdoor recreation skills by direct participation in various activities including ski touring, snow-shoeing, ice fishing, curling, and winter survival. If weather is unseasonably mild, substitutes such as rock climbing, orienteering and backpacking will be taught. A special fee includes room, board, and equipment use. Approval of department chairperson.

PERL 123  Leadership and Business Ethics in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry 3 Credits

Special fee. Course discusses the characteristics of leaders in the business environment including types of leadership. It explores the many tough ethical questions faced by managers such as ethical strategies that build profits, productivity, and long-term profits. 3 hours lecture.

PERL 124  Introduction to Recreation, Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure Services 3 Credits

Special fee. An orientation course to the broad spectrum of services that are provided to society by recreation, tourism, hospitality, and leisure services practitioners. Professional awareness and career opportunities are examined. 3 hours lecture.

PERL 208  Leisure and Recreation in Society 3 Credits

Special fee. Analysis and interpretation of the concepts of leisure, its role in individual, community and national lifestyles, its social and economic significance. The role of recreation programs and services in meeting current and future needs of society. For non-recreation and leisure studies majors only. 3 hours lecture.