Chairperson: Dirk Vanderklein

The Department of Biology offers Bachelor of Science Degrees in Biology, Molecular Biology, Biology with a concentration in Environmental Science, and Master of Science degrees in Biology, Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution, Biology with a concentration in Physiology, Biology with a concentration in Pedagogy, and either a certificate or Master of Science degree in Molecular Biology.  Students can also be considered for articulation programs in various health professions.  See the Programs of Study tab for details about the various programs.  

In the department, students can prepare for careers in field biology, laboratory research, graduate work, or professional programs in medicine, dentistry, medical technology, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and other fields related to biology, by taking the major requirements with a proper selection of electives.  Core courses also offer extensive laboratory and field experience to help prepare for these various fields.  Students can obtain certification to teach biology by completing the professional sequence in the Teacher Education Program.  A minor in biology is also available.  Students at both the undergraduate and graduate level have opportunities to perform research and work more closely with the excellent faculty in the department.  

Advisors within the department help students identify appropriate courses, assist with transfer credits and provide opportunities for discussion regarding career goals and career preparation.